Do I NEED to use an Insert Jack?

Steve McQueen (his real name) wrote in and asked:

I have the Behringer 1202 and an Alesis 3630 I got cheap. (Not a popular compressor from what I have read) My mic is a Rode Procaster and I use a Tascam DR-07. Do you need to use a mixer with the insert jack?

A compressor makes the loud parts software and the soft parts louder (giving you a consistent audio level). The quick answer is no you do not HAVE to use an insert jack.
I've done that with my little Behringer mixer. I either plug my mic into the compressor (if it has XLR inputs) and then plug the compressor into the mixer (and mixer into recorder). Or I plug my mic into the mixer, and then the output of the mixer into the compressor, and then the compressor into my recorder. I'll Google and see if there is any major difference

Problems with Pamela Skype Recording Software – No Active Call

Tina from episode 300 is having issues with Pamela for recording Skype calls. I've tried this software twice and couldn't get it to work in either case. I recommend using a portable recorder to record skype. However, not everyone can afford that, so if you have to use software is use Powergramo. If you're on a Mac look for total recorder.

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4 comments on “Connecting Podcast Equipment – Recording Skype Software
  1. akaByronious says:

    Hi Dave, why do you have to log in (sign up for your site) in order to listen to your podcast? Am I missing something? Thanks very much, Byronious

  2. Dave Jackson says:

    Sorry about that. I was testing a new system and it got a bit ambitious. You should be fine now. Again my apologies

  3. Ryan says:

    Dave, I noticed you recommend Powergramo. Have you used Call Recorder for Skype, I noticed it on the Skype site. It also records two tracks, just curious if you had experience with it?

  4. Dave Jackson says:

    I believe that is a Mac product (I’m on a PC).

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