Today I answer some questions about going to the New Media Expo from Charles from the Other Side of Live

1. Yes you need business cards
2. You need the courage to pass them out
3. You need to be able to talk to strangers
4. You need to be able to listen
5. Remember its not always about how people can help you, but how you can help them.
6. Have a target – “I will call the expo a success when ____”
7. Make sure your actions are in line with #6

There are two ends of the spectrum with business cards. One end is just litter them all over, and the other is when you over-think who is “worthy” of  a card. Try to find a happy medium.

These concepts are the same even if you don't have a podcast. You need the courage to talk about your subject in front of people. You need to have a target for your podcast. How will you know its a success? Are your actions in line with making it a success?

Podcast Promotion Tips

Recently I've been making serious connections with my audience. These people then go and tell other people about your podcast. Why? Sure you have great content, but also because you connected with your audience. For me its about taking the time to send a unique email, video, skype call, etc (whatever it takes) to help people.

In my travels the things that separate great service, or great connections are boosted not by doing GIANT things that blow people away, but instead if you simply do what you say, and say what you mean, and do the little things that other people are too busy, or don't think it matters, you will find that those little things lead to “wows” from your customers. Growing your podcast can use these same concepts.

 You Don't Need to Spend Two Thousand Dollars To Start a Podcast

Andrew had some questions about the Heil PR40 and it seems you really have to turn up the gain to get a good signal. Is this normal? (short answer yes). Make sure your volume on your portable recorder is turned up enough (some times when you turn up your mixer it introduces hiss). The point is you don't need to spend $600 on a microphone. You can see what I recommend at

Podcasting And Your Business

I spoke with a magazine who is looking to boost subscriptions with a podcast. However, they are looking to sell the digital files. I explained how they have a TON of back issues,

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