Are you going to the New Media Expo this week? I am. You can meet me outside ballroom A on Friday at 4:30ish.

Here are some Tips for the Expo
1.  Have your business cards with you at all times.
2.  Have your elevatory pitch ready ( )
3.  Pace yourselves. If you come out of the gate too fast, you wil have nothing on Friday.
4.  Bring some “instant food” (granola bars, power bars, Pop Tarts). Some of the parties ran out of food, and the cafeteria is expensive and extremley “OK.”
5. Don't be afraid to talk to people. Just introduce yourselves, and the conversation wil start to flow. Don't com home with a giant list of regrest.
6. Keep moving. If you've set up a follow up appointment with someone, then move on to a new person.
7. Write on the back of the business card what you talked about, and email them when you get home.

8. Write on the business cards who you have an have not contacted.


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