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We all think, “just make good content and promote your show” but as podcasts become more mainstream and the average listener now consumes multiple episodes a week, do they have room for YOUR show? I asked my audience what their status is. If you found a really good show, would you have to “bump” one you are listening to now?

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Question of the Month Answers

You find a show that's great. Do you have enough time to add an additional show to your listening time?


Steve – Stevestewart.me and Podcast Editor Academy
Jim – Home Gadget Geeks and Ask the Podcast Coach
Mark – History of North America
Bill – Bill Watches Movies
Dave – Walking is Fitness
York – Poetic Earthlings
Arnie- Sports History Network


In general, we are all “out of time, ” yet if something good comes along, we seem to make room. We also have different phases of life, and some of the shows we listen to take breaks and we find new shows.

The bottom line is there is only so much time to listen and the shows that deliver the most value will be heard.

I Heard it On a Podcast

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