This episode is based on an exercise from the book, Make Noise:  A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling (also available on Audible) where you have to describe your show in a way that can't be used by other shows and you can use any of these words. The idea is that instead of using the word “Awesome,” explain WHY it's awesome. It's hard, but in the end, it leads you to ponder what makes your show. The book is from Eric Nuzum, who appears in episode 708.

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10 Word Descriptions

What was that like?
Firsthand, true stories from real people in Unreal situations

9th Grade Experience
Ninth grade can be challenging. Let's experience it together.

Relaxed Male
I help men overcome the overwhelm in their life

Coaching Kids Curling
Advice and resources for youth curling coaches and program organizers

Author Blurb
Connecting authors and readers with meaningful meet-the-author interviews.

Calm History
Relax with stories from history narrated in a calm voice

Passing ACLS Tip of the Day
Helpful information and tips for medical professionals taking ACLS.

Radio Free Pro Wrestling
A transatlantic grappling opinion show started by two strangers turned friends.

School of Podcasting (this podcast)
Insights to help you plan, launch and grow your podcast, but does that ONLY describe the School of Podcasting?

Take two: the longest-running entertaining educational how-to podcast show. But who cares how long it's been going?

Mentioned In this Episode

Make Noise:  A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling

Podcast Baby Steps Free Course

Jordan Harbinger


00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:36 – Opening
00:01:32 – The 10 Magic Words
00:02:03 – Avoid These Words
00:03:44 – Scott From What Was That Like
00:05:25 – Chris From 9th Grade Experience
00:06:17 – Bryan from Relaxed Male
00:07:16 – Glenn from Coaching Kids Curling
00:09:04 – Eric From Author Blurb
00:09:31 – Harris from Calm History
00:11:00 – Paul From Passing ACLS
00:11:30 – Sean from Radio Free Pro Wrestling
00:11:54 – It's Challenging
00:13:55 – Based on A True Story is Unique (
00:15:53 – How Can My Show Be Different?
00:17:21 – Because of My Podcast Stories Were Moved Based on Feedback
00:18:33 – Join the School of Podcasting (
00:19:34 – Podcasting Observations Newsletter ( )
00:19:49 – Craig's Because of My Podcast Story (
00:22:18 – Find My Podcast…
00:23:29 – Google Podcasts Issues
00:24:31 – Dig the Well Before You're Thirsty
00:25:11 – Apple Category News
00:29:00 – Podcast Discovery ()
00:29:17 – Always Listen Before Publishing ()
00:33:07 – Question of the Month (
00:34:07 – Where Will I Be ( )
00:35:13 – Podcast Baby Steps ( )

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