Editing The Boring Our Of Your Podcast Interview

How do you decide if something should stay in your podcast episode? For when I listen to the question I asked, I look for:

1. When did their response start to actually answer the question I asked.

2. Is it a good answer? Does it deliver value?

Today I play some clips of Sean Evans from Hot Ones being interviews by Drew Barrymore the actress turned talk show host.


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Avoid the Been There Done That

The guest provides an answer and you have a similar situation that will answer for the second time your question. Was the answer from the guest so unclear that you need to repeat what is essentially the same point? If not, remove your story. The interview is about the guest (not you).

Avoid the Back Story

Sometimes we provide some back story so the guest understands the motivation behind the question. Many times the audience doesn't need to hear the back story. You can edit it out and just leave the part

Don't Forget to Ask a Question?

I find it off that Drew Barrymore often does not ask a question. She says nice things about the guest and just stops.

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1 comment on “Editing The Boring Our Of Your Podcast Interview
  1. Steve Stewart says:

    Hi Dave. Loved this episode. It was a great way to expose some of the ways interviews fall flat.

    However, I do think you expected more than what was promised. We (podcasters) all do. After all, it is called Drew Barrymore Show.

    It’s a show where we get to learn all about Drew. The YouTube description says “featuring everyone’s favorite actor, businessperson, mom, and cultural icon, Drew Barrymore!” It never says “interviewing people…”.

    I love Drew. She’s a joy to watch. But you’re not wrong about her YT show.

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