Today I take a listen to the new RE320 from Electro Voice ($299). I put it up against my Sure SM58 ($99). I really like the clarity of this microphone. I love the fact that if I move my mouth around in front of the microphone it doesn't change the tone of the microphone. With the SM58, the closer I get the bassier it gets. With the RE320, I could move my microphone in front of it, and the tone barely changed. As a musician I love the fact that it has a switch that makes it a great bass drum microphone, and as a vocal microphone it will also work great on guitar, horns, voice, etc.

I also talk about a podcast about a nursing company that is growing their community and brand awareness through podcast. Also a new Press release from Wizzard Media shows that people starting a podcast is up 26% over last year. The reason? Podcasting is going more main stream. In the past the top shows were much more about technology and “geeky” items. This is not the case anymore.

Final Poll Results: 33% SM58, 33% RE320, 33% not sure.

Electrovoice RE320

Sure SM58

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2 comments on “Electrovoice RE320 Microphone Vs Sure SM58
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  2. Xtcphil says:

    Thank you so much for this test about the EV320 because that is for me what’s all about. What is my priority ? To find a clear voice microphone for comments. I want to replace my AKG330BT (silver color (not black)). And I had some difficulties to find a microphone witch can replace it.
    I try with a Sennheiser E845 that I keep for my news report with a digital recorder. I also try with a Sennheiser E945 but this microphone does not go for me. I also try the AKG330 BT MARK II in black witch have not the same sound than the Silver (absolutly incredible). And the last one that I try is the AKG D5, for me a very bad microphone.
    So the RE320 seems for me very well for radio and voice track and comments. I have to sale first my E945. I also appreciate if you can tell me if there is in “rode microphone” something which can go with a clear voice. The inconvenient for me is this mike is big a a little heavy, but I really think it is a very good mike. Your voice is clear with this mike.
    In conclusion, thank you so mich for your test, very interesting for me before may be buy in the future something like this, or in rode mike If I can find a reference ok for me or something else who knows …
    Kind regards … Phil …

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