I am taking a class on online learning (part of my bachelor's degree in education). I watched a person who is site impaired surf the Internet. If we would all take a few minutes on each post we could make life much easier for those who are site impaired.

 Use Headings

When using wordpress, click on the icon to show two sets of formatting buttons and use the format such as heading 3. The big bonus for a site impaired person is they can jump from heading to heading in their software that reads the screen to them.

Use “Alt” Text on Images

This is the “pop up” text that shows up when you hover your mouse over and image. This helps explain what the picture is for those who can't see it. This will also help you with search engines.


When you use alt text on links you can write something like “Buy this product at amazon.com” so a persion who is site impaired know what to expect if they click on that link


What were the last 5 podcasts you listened to?

Internet Marketing

60 Minutes Podcast
HOrrible Audio

Ask a Ninja

Marketing Over Coffee

Artist Empowerment Radio

Submit you last 5 via the www.podcastvoicemail.com number at 888-563-3228

Promos Played



Last 5 in 5

Use Alt Text on Links

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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