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How to Tell if Someone is Linking to You

if you enter links: and then your website, Google's results show you who is linking to you. When I did this, I saw how Chris Christensen who does the amateur traveler's podcast, and the Bible Study podcast put this podcast down as one of his favorites (thanks Chris!). Likewise Jim Meeker of mentioned how he loved the episode about finding time to podcast.

Radio Guys Can't Get to the Point

I was listening to Radio Exiles which is a podcast network for ex-Dj's who have been let go from radio. in the podcast Doug and Bob were talking about how great it is to be on a podcast. They don't have to worry about program managers, playing the same 24 songs over and over, and the freedom to deal directly with their listeners.

They also commented that while everyone can podcast, not everyone should (I'm paraphrasing). They mentioned that one of the things you learn from going to radio school is that you can identify what makes good radio.

This lead me to think that if these guys (who were at one point mentioned in USA today, and were well known in their markets) know what “Good Radio” is, then why are they unemployed doing a podcast? They mentioned that while its great to have for people who still want to broadcast, they had not really figured out how to make money with their podcasts or network (to this I say read my book at

I noticed something about this podcast, and it leaped out at me when I heard an old interview of Jerry Seinfeld on the Howard Stern show. Jerry was talking about how long Howard Drags out a story. They you can hear him set up a story and get in the shower knowing that you can get yourself clean, and probably shave before he gets to the actual story.

As I listened to Doug and Bob, I noticed this as well. This is a generalization, so take it for what its worth, but I think radio guys are used to filling up HOURS of time. With this in mind they don't get to the point quickly. The problem that avid podcast listeners have is there isn't enough time in the day to listen. I'm using an app on my phone that allows me to play my podcasts faster so I can consume content. Consequently, if I have to reach for the “skip ahead one minute” button on a regular basis – the next button I'm reaching for is the unsubscribe button.

Now before I come across as saying radio guys have not talent that is not fair or true. in many cases the culture of radio (and dealing with the FCC) makes it almost impossible to be entertaining. Any momentum is broken up by traffic and weather reports. One angry letter from a listener can have a station change policy for all programming. It sounds like a treat. With this in mind, I look forward to more ex-radio people getting involved in podcasting, enjoying the freedom that is podcasting, and learning how to get to the point.

IDG Says Podcasts Should be 16 Minutes

I wrote about this on my blog. Here are some key points:

1. YOU decide how long your podcast should be.

2. Your episode should be long enough for you to make all your main points, and include contact information.

3. One of the great things that radio guys can do better than podcasters is edit themselves as they speak (from doing it for years). This means talking slower, and thinking. The opposite is to speak fast and have “ums”.


Daily Podcast Tips

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2 comments on “Enough Podcast Content For Your Episode
  1. Max Flight says:

    I interviewed Brian, the founder of Radio Exiles, and Bob from the Bob and Doug podcast in Episode 5 of Podcasting Passion, if you’re interested. One comment I’d make is that all these out of work DJ’s are out of work because of reductions by the corporation that owns most radio stations. The traditional role of DJ’s is being replaced by automated and scripted programming.

    So these guys are discovering podcasting as an outlet for their creative talents. It’s rather interesting. Are the “professionals” invading “our” enthusiast realm of podcasting? I don’t see it that way and welcome them.

  2. Max Flight says:

    On podcast length, I personally like 30-40 minutes, and that’s what I’ve been sticking to with However, over at, we run long. 90 to almost 120 minutes. Our listeners keep telling us “more” and when one listener complained about the length, the others jumped all over him. It was incredible. I don’t know where they find the time to listen to that much content.

    Anyway, I enjoy your podcasts, Dave, and always look forward to them. Just don’t start posting 2 hour episodes. Please.



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