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Roland R-05 Review

There are many different reasons to buy a portable recorder. My main criteria was it had to have an easy to read display. For this reason, I purchased the Roland R-05 from Roland. I purchased it from Same Day Music. It has great sounding built in microphones, a line in, and a mic input as well. I love that it has automatic gain control, a low cut filter, and the ability to adjust the recording level as you record. I don't like that it didn't come with a power cord (and they cost an additional $30).

If you are looking for versatility, you mighty check out the Zoom Hn4 which has built in microphones, the ability to act as a USB interface. I previous had the Zoom H4, but when it got accidentally thrown across the room, that was the end of it (its made out of plastic where the ROland Unit is much more durable).

Evergreen Content Helps Build Your Audience

Mignon Forgerty was the podcaster who got on Oprah, has books, and started her own Podcasting Network.

She wrote and article that stated she had researched the top 200 podcasts in iTunes. 65% of the top 200 had some other form of promotion (Adam Corolla, NPR, ESPN, etc). The 35% of the top 200 were “normal” podcasters. In looking at this 35% percent of the top 200, 80% of their content was evergreen. Evergreen podcast is as relevant today and a year from now. In looking at her network, 70% of their downloads come from their back catalog. By having content that is relevant today that was produced a year ago, people can find your podcast and consume all of your back shows (and that build loyalty).

She also mentions that releasing episodes on a regular basis helps as well.

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Daily Podcast Tips

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    Enjoyed the show. Ever green content, very good point that I hadn’t considered.

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