As a Marine Biologist, Andrew Lewin from Speak Up for the Ocean Blue podcast (available in directories like Apple, and Google) just wanted to talk about treating the ocean better and keeping it safe. That was less than 10 years ago, now he's a key figure at Ocean Related events, and is becoming THE podcast about ocean conservation. Today we will hear parts of Andrew's story.


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Andrew Lewin Opens Doors With His Podcast

03:12 When did you get the podcast bug?

03:56 When did he start his podcast?

05:40 What kept him going when he first started his podcast?

07:08 Why he didn't tell anyone he was podcasting?

08:25 Andrew gets invited to a conference.

10:50 Andrew was worried about negative feedback.

12:56 Andrew's relationship with Duke University.

14:02 Are these conferences for his job?

17:47 Changing your publishing schedule, what did your audience think?

20:27 Work-Life Balance?

21:38 Did his audience comment on his schedule changes?

23:10 How does his day job feel about his podcast?

24:24 The Toronto Zoo Podcast opportunity.

25:06 TV Show opportunity.

26:19 How do you promote your show?

29:10 Advice for new podcasters

Andrew has even begun helping people podcasts on his own site

Dave is Speaking This Weekend

35:15 I'll be speaking at and the Utah Podcast Summit.

Question of the Month

37:04 Who would you like to have on your show and why? Be sure to tell us about your show and your website at

Homework For White People

37:51 If you are not a person of color please, its time to get educated. Watch the documentary called The 13th on Youtube. Listen to “Seeing White.” You will be amazed at what you learn. Corrupt politicians have not gone away at the local, state, and federal governments. We need to pay attention and vote them out. Rent the movie Slay the Dragon an Amazon. We need to vote these corrupt people out of office who don't do what we want. We need serious prison and justice reform in this country.

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