Danielle Desir is Building a Deeper Engagement in a Facebook Group Alternative

Today Danielle Desir built up a sizeable Facebook group and after trying multiple strategies to have the group pay for itself, SHE MOVED AWAY FROM FACEBOOK and is having more success using a Facebook group Alternative (Circle)

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Danielle is the host of the Thought Card podcast and one of the founders of the Women of Color Podcasters. In addition to being a podcaster, she's also is an Author, Podcast Coach, Freelance Writer and more.

Today We Find Out

The happy accident that was the start of the WOC Podcasters group.

The multiple ways she attempted to monetize.Circle Community Software

Her thoughts on the “hot leads” from Facebook.

Why she moved to Circle, and her favorite features.

How she stayed sane running a group of 4000+ people.

How she has expanded the group since moving off of Facebook.

We get insight into her 17 different streams of income.

Because of her podcast, she is QUITTING HER DAY JOB!

Glenn The Geek Road Report

Glenn has recorded a few episodes on the road this week, and at one point was in the parking lot of a liquor store to get good wi-fi. He is getting great feedback from his audience, and seeing the products that people have purchased after hearing it on his show.

Glenn then has the customer record a testimonial about the product and sends it to the sponsor (this should make it easy to renew their contract as Glenn has audible proof that advertising on his show works).

Check out Gleen at www.horseradionetwork.com

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Leading the Bleeding ( A Journey Podcast)

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