Fifty Four Podcast Questions in Twenty Six Minutes – Episode 700

Today I take a quick second to look back at 700 episodes of the School of Podcasting. I break format on these landmark episodes and have a little fun. Today I decided to do something I've never done before – a lightning round.

A Quick Look Back

[00:50] Episode 70

[01:53] Dave Gets the Vapers

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[4:38] Podcast Lightning Round

[04:55] Best Microphone Samson Q2u or ATR2100

[05:09] Best Podcast Media Hosting ( use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)

[05:20] How many episodes should I launch with?

[05:27] How do you record a phone call?

Skype Out or a Rodecaster Pro

[05:47] Best way to record skype?

free mp3 skype recorder (PC) Call Recorder (Mac)

[06:01] Getting comfortable recording solo?

[06:13] Can you make money with a podcast?

[06:51] How do I get booked as a guest on other shows? (Interview Guide)

[07:05] A Top mistake podcasters make?

[07:15] Best use of a Zoom H1 portable Recorder

[07:25] Zoom H4, H5, H6, which one? ( see Gear Guide)

[07:50] Who is the Rodecaster Pro best suited for?

[08:01] Best affordable software to record your podcast?

Audacity (learn Audacity)

[08:18] What audio plugins do you use?

Waves Scheps Omni Channel

[08:28] Should I use Facebook ads to promote my podcast?

[08:44] What do you think about

See this post with video

[09:31] Do I need to edit my podcast?

[09:39] Should I use my transcripts for my “Show notes/Blog Post?”

See for free transcriptions

[10:05] How do you avoid burnout?

Make it easy to capture and manage ideas like Evernote.

[10:29] Should I use a stage name?

[10:37] What link should I use when I promote my podcast?

see this post

[10:49] Getting over first episode jitters

[11:16] Should I do an episode zero/trailer?

[11:39] Should I upgrade my equipment?  ( see Gear Guide)

[11:54] What do you use for Live Streaming?


[12:22] Takin Live Phone Calls with a Que?

Call in Studio

[12:45] How do I get sponsors?

[12:56] Should I share one microphone with my co-host?

[13:25] What should I expect to pay when hiring a podcast editor?

see Steve Stewart. The cheapest I know is Podcast Press

[13:53] Should I syndicate my audio podcast to YouTube?

[14:07] Should I launch a crowdfunding campaign?

[14:46] Playing music in my show, is it legal?

[15:14] Uploading my episodes to Apple?

See Video

[15:27] Start over or rebrand my podcast?

[15:54] Should I join a podcast network?

[16:10] I need a web designer

Kapa99 if you're on a budget can do Artwork

[16:30] Who do I hire for voice over?

Music Radio Creative or Media Voice Overs

[16:40] Is starting a podcast hard?

[16:47] How do I get my podcast to rank higher in Apple Podcasts?

[16:59] Who do you use for your web host?

Cooler Websites or Siteground

[17:08] Does my podcast need a website?

[17:22] Should I use Audiograms? ( see the episode and audiogram tools)

[17:53] What Marketing Tools do you use?

Social Bee for Posting, Sendfox for Email

[18:24] What SEO Tools do you use?

Yoast SEO Plugin, and Ubersuggest

[18:33] What is your favorite app to listen to podcasts? on the iPhone, and Pocketcasts sounds great on Android

[18:43] What makes a podcast good?

[18:58] Should my podcast use Seasons?

[19:20] Should I start a second podcast?

[19:51] How do I quit a podcast?

[20:10] How do I take a hiatus?

[20:46] How do I un-podfade?

[21:13] Should I do a solo show or do interviews?

[21:35] How do I get more downloads?

[22:23] How do I start a podcast and quit my job in six weeks?

Questions of the Month

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What is the website of this podcast?
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Thanks to All My Loyal Listeners

These episodes always make me uncomfortable as it has a focus on me, and I always like to focus on you. Thanks to everyone who has been with me over the years.

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  1. Wow! I’ve started a series of interviews with leading photographers and have been on the fence about whether to turn it into a podcast or not. This was the lightning bolt in the arm I needed to just do it… So thankful for all the links and resources. Now I have about a million new tabs to go read and get ready to launch. Look out 2020!

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