As valentines was this week so we have a special edition of “Because of My Podcast,” and speaking of finding things, today we talk about some tools to help you be found in Google. We also talk mp3 vs m4a, and some free tools to help you be found by Google.

Because of My Podcast We Found Love:

John Bukenas from Audio Editing Solutions is dating Samantha from I Shake My Head With Lisa and Sam

Chris and Krissie from I Am Salt Lake share their story of dating, marriage, and BABIES!

Jeremy from Podcast We Listen To and Dina Marie from the Twisted Philly podcast

Podcast Rewind: Podcasts We Listen To

I appeared on the Podcast We Listen To podcast talking about my show and the early days of podcasting. This podcast also has a great Facebook group filled with podcast listeners, but it's NOT A PLACE TO PROMOTE YOUR SHOW (this group does that).

I Was Wrong About M4a Files


I published an article on the Podcasting Busines Journal website and mentioned how mp3 files are more reliable then m4a when it comes to pressing play. In the past, I've seen m4a files just spin and spin and not play in Apple Podcasts. When I went back to see if this is still true, it's not.

Free SEO Tools To Help You Be Found in Google


As the search in the podcasts app chokes on the huge amount of shows coming into the podcasting space, there are times when it seems you just can't be found. So if you've done all there is to do, another strategy is to make sure you can be found in this other tool that helps people be found called Google.

I've taken SEO For Podcasting by Daniel J Lewis

SEO Courses from Yoast

Podcast SEO Marketing from Ploymash (Juergen Berkessel )

Tools I've Added and Started Using

Monster Insights WordPress Plugin that allows you to see Google Analytics in WordPress.

Neil Patel's Ubersuggest

Domain Authority Checker

Another great suite of tools is Mongools SEO Suite

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You can only pick one. Please send them in by 2/22/19

Alexacast For Sale


Alexacast PodcastI've come to the conclusion that I can't continue (or in this case bring back) the Alexacast. This is a show about the Amazon world, and especially what is happening with Alexa. If you'd like to take this show over, please contact me. You'll need to pay for your media hosting and web hosting. I prefer you host it at 



Podcasting For Fun

34:00 Just a reminder you can podcast for fun. You do NOT have to make money with a podcast.

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