I had not “take the temperature” of my audience in a while so I put together a quick survey. I use Google Forms, and did some number crunching in Excel, and made a report using Mail Merge in Microsoft word so I could easily consume the data.

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What My Audience Let Me Know


80% Male
20% Female

31-40 41%
41-50 41%
61-70 18%

How far they listen
7% Listen to at least 75%
93% listen to all of it

Do You Currently Have a Podcast?
Yes – 90%
No – 10%

Perfect Length of Podcast?
0-29 3%
30-45 59%
46-60 28%

Have you ever told a friend about the School of Podcasting?
Yes – 90%
No – 10%

What Do You Like About the Show:

  • Question of the month and your knowledge of podcasting
  • Learning the best ways to podcast
  • The up to date changes that would affect the day to day podcaster.
  • You consistently provide concise, actionable advice to help podcasters be successful.
  • Interviews with interesting podcasters  and how-to content
  • Multiple topics and specialized guests this way I can identify with other podcasters who’ve encountered the same trials & tribulations in connecting with their audience
  • I really like the real world examples you cite of how people have made (or are making) their podcasts successful.
  • The high-quality production, how much you assuage my concerns about podcasting, identify speech patterns that drive me crazy, and overall the feeling that you're actually talking to me.
  • General updates on how and with what to create, manage, and grow your podcast and audience
  • I like your honesty and transparency most. The topics I enjoy are tips on creating content and marketing content.
  • Honest Information about growing audience and sponsors
  • I like the honesty, the fact you'll tell the truth and also aren't afraid to give your opinion. Specific sections, I like when you do anecdote, which is odd as I didn't when I first started listening. Just goes to show not to change your format.
  • The interviews, also gear talk when you have it.
  • Just listening to Dave talk with excitement about what's important to him.  I always enjoy the Because-Of-My-Podcast stories.
  • You think about the person who is just starting out and the people who have been at it a while. (so helps me learn as a newbie, but also stretches me to research other things). Love how you use sound effects. Think it captures attention well!
  • Expert interviews, and Last Five in Five (bring it back!)
  • The analogies, which helps anyone at any level understand the picture you are trying to paint (even the painting with peanut butter)
  • The interviews with industry personalities and gear/service reviews. But most of all, it's just your personality that keeps me listening.
  • Your humor,  varied topics, pace, transitions, and awesome ideas and content.
  • I love the end of episode bloopers.

What you'd Like to Change:

  • The same podcasters on all the time, how about some variety? For example, if the horse podcasting guy is on, I turn the show-off, sorry, but it's just not my thing. Other than that, I love everything else about the show!
  • Email responses seemed to shorten then stop altogether after a while. Keep emailing/engaging consistently.
  • While it doesn't bother me, I think too often you reference “old” movies, songs etc. and go with your “back in the day” quote which may not resonate with a younger audience.
  • For example, for me, I don’t need to hear all the steps of math to get to an hourly rate for $60,000 a year.  You could just tell me you did the math and give me the bottom line number.
  • Not this show, but your Rodeo – there is too much ‘snide' comments. But hey, I was born British
  • I think that Podcast Rodeo Show is a disservice to your expertise and kindness. but that's another show.
  • Sometimes the sound effects get a little too morning zoo for me.
  • All the extra sound effects you’ve been adding (more in the last year or so? Maybe 6 months?). Also, I know you’re against dates on your blog posts, but I wish you had them. Context matters & if I know it’s several years old, that might impact how I approach something.
  • Sometimes there is so much repetition between this show, ask the podcast coach, podcasters round table, the feed, and new media show. I love all of them but fell a little disappointed when there’s too much overlap in topics. Also, a little teasing about knitting podcasts is fine, but really! Give us some respect! According to Libsyn stats, our show is in top 20% and we’re a mid level show. Knitting podcasts are real!
  • a lot of assumed knowledge from previous episodes or technologies or podcasting
  • I guess the only thing I worry about is I hear you on all of your other shows & know that you have a full-time job & do all of your school of podcasting stuff. I don't want you getting burned out! Take care of yourself, Dave!
  • The only thing I could think of is the occasional repetition (Anchor sucks – it's okay to NOT make money with your show – stop checking your stats)
  • Personally, I'm tired of “beginner” topics. I understand you make money helping people start, but I can imagine even a beginner would appreciate your expertise on more of the “improve” your podcast topics (which you do, but I want more of them).
  • I’m not a big fan of the easy listening/jazz music you use under your commercials. It does not command authority.
  • The occasional crass comment or innuendo is a bit annoying. I know it doesn't happen often, but when it does it makes me cringe.
  • I get that you need to share personal stuff occasionally, as we should all do, and provided it's kept in proportion then I'm fine with it. First and foremost I want you to be a teacher, not a chat show host.
  • For instance, when you did the 5 in 5 with the podcaster talking about atheism and I had to stop and pray for him and I was bummed that there are so many podcasts about people that are fallen away from the church.  So even the stuff I cringe at in your podcast, help me grow and give me a reason to pray.  I haven’t done my show in 5-6 years and yet, I still listen every week.  Keep up the zany antics and stellar content Dave
  • Not the biggest fan of most podcast intros.  I would prefer you to start talking IMMEDIATELY about the show by possibly asking a few questions…the state that we will get into it further in the show. Example: What mics should you use when walking around outside and recording?  What is the difference between condenser blah blah blah?  We will get into it today!!  I’m Dave Jackson, and I thank you for being here at the SCHOOL OF PODCASTING! Now, let's talk mics.


Thanks to everyone who shared their opinions on my show and congratulations to Matt Simpson who receives a free month at the School of Podcasting as well as an Amazon Dot. Thanks to everyone.

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Lee from Covert Nerd

Darwyn from Dealing with My Grief

Steve Work Comp Pulse

Richard Grimshaw

Hershy Orenstein


Matt Simpson

Paul Capps


You need to know why you are doing a podcast, and who your audience is and what they want. If someone suggests something that doesn't' fit the audience or your goal. you need to ignore it – this show is not for them.

You can't please everyone.

Keep in mind the new listeners, and don't get bit by the “curse of knowledge” and leave them in the dark.

Your audience wants you to be honest and concise. They enjoy your personality (some followed me to other shows) so let your personality out.

Be willing to try new things if your audience wants them, and they fit your goals.

I hope you enjoyed episode 681. This podcast is part of the Power of Podcasting Network

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