I've been podcasting since 2005, and right now I'm saying this is the best deal I've found on production music (royalty free so you can use it in your podcast as intro/outro/transition music).

You can get a CD with 40 production tracks for $8.41 (which is the cost of shipping and handling – the music is free). Now you don't just get one version of a track, but a full version, 30, 60,etc second versions. This is great for branding your podcast. You can use the longer version to kick off your podcast, and then use a shorter version as transition music in between topics. They have tons of styles from Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, World, Jazz, etc just to name a few.

Best of all you can save an additional 10% by using the coupon code THANKYOU0901

I loved it so much I bought a bunch of CDs.

To check these out, go to


There you will see all sorts of deals on music, sound effects, video, and all you pay for is shipping. I know, I don't get it either, but I bought a bunch of CDs.

Then I found something that's not readily available on the front page. This is another page of production music.


You guessed it. I bought some more.

For less than 10 bucks a CD you can add some real polish to your podcast with some great music. If you're already podcasting, you can use this music and do voice over work and create your own commercials.

Enjoy the great music!

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