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Today I thought I would look into the Podsfafe Music Network. I’ve always known that you could find great music there, however in looking over the paperwork I was surprised that its not required to mention the musician (only the podsafe music network). As a musician I urge everyone using the resource to mention the musician. You can find it at

New Wizzard Media Player

We also get a report from Fred Castenda of and who interviews Dave from Wizzard media about the new wizard media. It’s very simple. Enter in your RSS feed, answer a confirmation email (stating that you are the owner of the feed). Wizzard will populate your player, and you are off to go.

The player is completely customizable via skins. It also checks to see if you have a high speed connection, and then either feeds you the mv4 file or the flash file. They also have a partnership with tubmogul where your video will get blasted into all sorts of different video portals. Check it out at or to sign up go to

Back to School Special

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Other Sites Mentioned

Tim Sullivan's Selling Geek at

I also mention and his song “lord make us Funky.”

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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