Today we cover multiple topics. I've added timelines so you can jump to the section you want. We hear about podcasters who are getting nominated, be recognized as noteworthy, we mention the podcast awards, and answer you podcasting questions.

New and Noteworthy in Three Days [1:55]

John Parker had dabbled in internet radio stations, but listened to the School of Podcasting and decided to try podcasting. He launched the Dance Music Consultant's podcast on Wednesday and by Saturday was in the over all New and Noteworthy section of iTunes.

School of Podcasting Member Spotlight [3:30]

Kate does the Blogger Interviews's podcast (itunes) where she interviews awesome up n' coming bloggers, and a few “big time” bloggers – but the purpose of her podcast show is to share bloggers journey's with anyone who is interested, for what ever reason. Her website is

I love the fact that Kate explains at the beginning of the episode who her guest is and why you should listen and what you will hear. This way in the event you have not heard of her guest, you will stay tuned in.

Because of my Podcast I've Been Nominated [8:45]

Steve Stewart is the man behind the MoneyPlan SOS podcast. Steve's podcast is all about personal finance. Steve has been nominated for a Plutus Award. These are THE awards for personal finance. Steve was nominated for his blog, but now because of this podcast he is also nominated in the Best Multimedia category as well. With this in mind Steve has now doubled his chance of being a winner of a Plutus Award. Good Luck Steve!

Podcast Awards Nominations Are Open [11:03]

If you would be so kind, I would love to be nominated in the following categories

Technology: The School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

Health and Fitness: Logical Weight Loss

Religion: Feeding My Faith

General: Building a Better Dave

Art: Marketing Musician

You can only nominate podcasts once, so choose well at

Blogging is a Way To Get in the Habit of Gathering Content [12:30]

I met Steve Stewart on Episode 17 of the Podcasters' Roundtable (itunes link). He announced that he was starting a new website call Yes You Can Podcast Too. When I went over to look at it, he had some great articles. Eventually Steve and I got on the phone, and Steve told me how he has a huge passion for podcasting. He wasn't sure if this blog would eventually be a podcast, but he wanted to produce content about podcasting. Looking back this is a great idea.

One of the most time consuming aspects of podcasting is figuring out what to talk about. You don't need a microphone for that. You can go through the motions of finding and producing content (on a blog). This will also help you build up a following of readers. Then if you do decide to turn your blog into a podcast you:

1. Have an accurate idea of the amount of effort it takes to create good content.

2. Have a list of readers who could subscribe and tell their friends about your podcast (which could get you into New and Noteworthy).

Check out Steve's blog at

Dave Jackson on Podcaster's Roundtable 18 – “When Not to Podcast” [16:03]

I recently appeared on Podcasters' Roundtable (itunes link)  where we talk about if there is a time when you SHOULDN'T start a podcast.  The panel featured myself +Daniel J. Lewis, myself (Ray Ortega), and +Lisa B. Marshall.

For more information about Podcasters Roundtable go to

Free Royalty Free Music From YouTube [19:15]

Youtube released a large number of tracks for people to use in your videos or any other project (like your podcast). That is the good news. They have it sorted by genre, mood, instrument, and more. The tracks sound good, and would be very suitable to use in your podcast.

The bad news is because they are free, there is a very good chance that EVERYONE and their brother will be using this music in their podcast. With this in mind, I could see using this music as transition music (or in a special spot), but not as your main theme.

When I was growing up, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson had a very recognizable theme. When you heard that music, you just knew what was coming and your body relaxed. There were no surprises, and all the feelings and memories of show in the past that made you laugh came into your mind. It set the tone. If you use this music for your theme (along with 5 other people) when people here your theme they will think, “Hey here comes Dave, and Steve, and Bonnie” (as we all will use the same music).

If you're looking for a custom intro check out Music Radio Creative, or any of the other podcast resources I have in the links section.

Podcast Questions Answered [29:20]

Speakpipe Alternative?

Bud wants to know if there are free alternatives to speakpipe that allow you to record longer than 90 seconds.

Speakpipe Voicemail SystemThe first thing to think about is using a free service for something as important as customer feedback. There are plenty of businesses that have come along that were free. The bad news is most of them are gone. It turns out you can't run a successful business if you don't charge for it.

Speakpipe offers the ability to record up to 3 minutes for $7 a month allows you to forward a toll free number directly to voicemail. A person will call, and can leave a message (up to 10 minutes long) and email you the file. It is $2 a month, and .06 a minute. I've never had a bill for more than $5. You can point that number to any other phone number as well. This way you never have to give out a personal phone number, and you have the ability to block people. The nice thing about a toll free number is great for those people in other countries as they can call that with skype out account and its still toll free. (On the other side, if they are “Across the pond” using a microphone and speakpipe is also free, and speakpipe has a smartphone app that allows them to leave comments using their phone).

The bad news about is the audio quality isn't anywhere near the quality you will get with speakpipe.

If you must have a free resource there is Google Voice. Another resource is With you need to receive at least one call every thirty days or you will lose your number (which is embarrassing when you have 15 episodes with a number you no longer own).

Weird Hiss Problem with Skype [36:04]

Jeff from 200churches Podcast:  asks about a weird hissing noise when talking to guests on skype. It gets louder when they don't talk and then when they talk it gets quiet.

Skype Automatic Audio SettingsWhen you make the call on skype have your guest go into the call menu and then choose Audio Settings. There will be a box that shows “Automatically Adjust microphone Settings.” This is why the hiss gets louder. When your guest quits talking, Skype is trying to turn them up (which is why you get hiss). As soon as your guest makes a noise skype turns it down.

Have your guest uncheck this box. If you go into the audio settings on your end, you can adjust their level if needed.

Do I Need a Mixer to Start a Podcast [43:17]

Many people think they need to buy a mixer to start a podcast. While it's true in some cases, it's not something you NEED in all circumstances. It's not always an essential piece of podcasting equipment.

You DO NOT need a mixer if:

1. You are a solo podcaster who records their voice and mixes in sounds later (called post production).

2. You have a co-host(2) that you connect via skype and record your conversation and is recorded and other audio is mixed in later.

YOU DO need mixer if:

1. You are mixing in music and sound effects as you record your voice (no matter if you have one or more co-hosts).

2. You have multiple people in the same room.

Mixers help you tune your voice (add bass, treble, etc), and mix in the sound of other computers, phones, tablets, etc. They come in handy, but they are not always needed. One thing to keep in mind is you won't use 80% of the knobs on a mixer (so don't let them scare you).

You can see a list of podcast equipment I recommend at

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7 comments on “New And Noteworthy in Three Days – Free Royalty Free Music
  1. Dan says:

    I have another site that I highly recommend for free music.
    It’s all done by the same artist, Kevin MacLeod, and all he asks is attribution. He does have donation options in place if you really like his work.

    I don’t think it’s possible to have a niche podcast and not have at least one piece on his site that would work for it.

  2. Steve Stewart says:

    Wow “Just Dave”! Thanks for letting me (and my stuff) take over a large portion of your show! You are so complimentary and kind – I’m honored!

    I had to start YesYouCanPodcastToo because fans of my MoneyPlan SOS podcast kept asking me questions about podcasting like “how do you do this” or “how can I do that”. I also meet a lot of Financial Bloggers that say “You do a podcast? I need to start a podcast” but they don’t know the real cost of podcasting. My podcasting blog is meant to put it all out there, show how hard it is to keep from podfading, but also give tips on how to make it a little bit easier to keep going. PODCASTING IS HARD WORK, everyone needs to know that up front.

    Keep up the great work! Sincerely, a big fan of you & your show, Steve

  3. Jeremy says:

    “…on Wednesday and by Saturday was in the over all New and Noteworthy section of iTunes.”

    How often does iTunes update their New and Noteworthy? I have heard once a week on Thursday or maybe Tuesday/ You indicate possibly Saturday?? Any ideas?

  4. Sandra says:

    is one of my go-to places for premium royalty free music.

    Filmtv-tracks is a collective of creative people like you who are dedicated to producing amazing music.

  5. I can’t seem to get their website to stop giving me the information in French. I clicked on the English button at the top.

  6. brenda says:

    very informative article, thank you for adding
    another great source for royalty free music

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