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Freemium Resources

When you provide a free podcast to promote a service that people pay for, this is called “freemium” approach. You provide free information hoping they will pay for your premium services. Christopher sent an email about wanting to start a website where people pay for the podcast, there is a forum for the community, and what hosting I would use.

The “Cadillac” of premium podcasting is You can sell digital downloads, create coupons, it has a built-in affiliate program, and it does something that all other membership scripts that work with WordPress don't. That is the ability to create podcast episodes that are NOT tied to WordPress. So you could have your information on your website, and then have episodes that are not seen on your website (and only consumed via RSS feed). has a monthly membership fee to pay for the upgrades that happen on a regular basis (making it even more powerful).

If you do not want a monthly fee, I've been using WP Wishlist which is a very powerful membership script for WordPress. If I started the School of Podcasting today, I would be tempted to use Wishlist. There are also WordPress plugins for affiliate programs and shopping carts. Many of these are listed at the Weekly Web Tools Resource Section.

Managing Email Tips

If you are using Gmail for your podcast, you can create labels for emails. I use one now called “NEXT PODCAST.” If someone sends me an email that I want to comment on in my next podcast, I apply the NEXT PODCAST label. Then when I get ready to record, I bring up all the emails with that label, print them out, and remove the label (and archive or delete the email). It makes show prep a breeze.

Podcasts about Podcasting

If you are looking for an additional podcast about podcasting. Here are a few to consider.

The Power of Podcasting (a podcast focused on the results people are achieving with their podcasts).

The Podcasters Studio features tips and insights from a Ray who is making a living doing more video work.

Podcast Answer Man – Cliff Ravenscraft talks about his passion for podcasting.

The Audacity to Podcast from Daniel Joseph featuring tips on Audacity and other podcasting topics.

Podcast Rodeo Show – Podcast Reviews of the First Few Minutes of a Show

Podcast Review Show – In Depth Reviews of Podcasts


Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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