Today we hear from former school of podcasting student Dave Gardner of the Rat Cast who has gone from using a small portable recorder to report on minor league hockey to being asked into the booth of ESPN. He first did a podcast about a single team, then expanded to be a podcast about the league. The hockey podcast moved on to the road and did live web cams of the playoffs. This year he got to go into the booth for the finals on ESPN to do the color commentary. The future seems bright as the league looks to harness the power of podcasting. He also just joined as one of their hosts.

Check out his league podcast at and his video game podcast at

Podcast Advertising Up at

Podcasting community blubrry  announced a 31 percent ad revenue increase for the second quarter of 2010, reflecting new ad buys on 27% more shows hosted on Blubrry, Tech Podcasts Network and other RawVoice subsidiaries.

CEO Todd Cochrane attributes the increase to podcast advertisers seeing a healthy return on their investment and because of their podcasts’ availability on multiple platforms.

“Our strategy of multi-platform distribution is exposing new audiences to our content creators on venues that accommodate their lifestyle needs,” says Cochrane. “We are continuing to focus on multi-platform distribution for the shows that are part of the network

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