In today's show, we hear from Monica Rivera who hosts the You Wanna Do What? podcast. You will follow her launch and growth over the last seven months.

Question of the Month

As I record this it is April 1. The first quarter of 2018 is over. What had you planned on doing in that first quarter that didn't, and what are you going to do differently to make it happen in this quarter. You can leave your answer using the options on the contact page

Because of My Podcast: I've overcome the fear of failure, perfection, and I'm Growing a Community – Brodie Sharpe

Brodie Sharp from Everyday  Running Legends interviews everyday average runners to inspire other runners. Becuase of his podcast he has overcome the fear of failure. He read in the book The Success  Principles by Jack Canfield and in it, he quotes Oliver Wendell Holmes who said, “Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.” Brodie said his podcast has helped him overcome the fear of perfection. His brother (who is a life coach) said, “All you need to start is produce B minus content. If you strive for A+ it will never be good enough and it will never be done.” Also, because of my podcast, I've been able to build a community. Check out Brodie at

Before they know it time runs out

Today I want to dedicate this effort to my Aunt Shirley Steinmetz. She died of lung Cancer on 4/7/18. What is weird about this is my Dad died on April 5th, 2014. Hist sister Sandra died on April 6th 2016. Then yesterday on April 7th, another sister (Aunt Shirley) joined them. I say this not to bring you down or look for sympathy, but to just remind you that our time here is limited, and our time here is short. Don't die with a great podcast inside of you.

Speaking of time running out…

I was on Episode 105 of the Dealing with My Grief Podcast with Darwyn Dave talking about Unresolved Grief. Check it out at

You Don't Have to Worry About These Things in Your Podcast

I might sound bad. Podcasting is not live. You only release it when you're done with it.

I'm afraid of technology. You said that about the fax machine and the VCR, and your smartphone. If you've ever attached a picture to Facebook or email, then you can upload a file to (using coupon code sopfree). If you ever pressed record on a VCR then you can press record on Audacity. If you've ever lowered the radio in the car so you can talk on the phone, then you know how to mix volume levels.

I'm afraid of buying the wrong equipment. – Join the School of podcasting or setup a consulting call.

I'm worried nobody will listen. I recently interviewed JJ virgin who is a hall of fame fitness trainer and nutritionist. In her book The Miracle Mindset, she explains her insecurities. Yet she has been on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz. Rachel Ray, the Doctors and been a New York Times bestselling author feels the same way. As a tech support person at, I often get people who send in a support ticket because their podcast is having a surge in downloads, and they can't believe it when people actually do listen.

I Don't Have Two Thousand Dollars to Spend on Equipment – Most people can launch a podcast for around $300, and then a monthly fee of around $30. Please don't spend two thousand dollars on equipment.

I'm Afraid Of Negative Reviews – Most podcasters don't get a lot of bad reviews. You will get them eventually, but many podcasters don't feel you are a real podcaster until you get your first one-star review in Apple Podcasts. You can't please everyone, and people who do make very bland content.

Monica Rivera Helps Give You The Nudge You Need

Monica River is the host of the You Wanna Do What? Podcast.  I've met her at two events, and started listening to her show. Like we've heard over and over on this show, when someone finds a show they like they often download the entire back catalog and that is exactly what I did. the further back into her catalog I got I could then understand the growth that she has gone through in seven months of podcasting. She is wise beyond her years, and her podcast is filled with interesting stories. She still hasn't figured out if she wants to monetize, and if she does how she will do it, but she knew the first step was starting and so she did. In this interview you will hear:

  • Her “hot mess” that is episode one
  • How she got rid of the reverb in her recordings
  • The different microphones she has used (she now uses an ATR2100 )
  • The feedback she is getting from her listeners
  • How her approached has changed
  • How long it takes her to create an episode.
  • What she has learned going to different events.

Check out her show at as well as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify

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1 comment on “Giving You The Nudge You Need to Create Episode 1 Of Your Podcast With Monica Rivera
  1. Angela Denise Davis says:

    Thank you for having Monica Rivera on as your guest. She has been very helpful to me as I am starting a new podcast and need information about equipment. I have heard the growth in her work and find her podcast to be very meaningful. It’s folks like her and you who make the podcasting community special. Again, thanks for the informative episode!

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