Hindenburg Journalist Noise Reduction

The latest version of Hindenburg Journalist Software (slowly becoming one of my favorites for people who “Aren't too technical”). They have a new noise reduction feature that is super easy to use, and actually not bad.

Here is a video of it in action

Take The Worry Out of Your Podcast, and Put the Time Back Into Your Life

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Grow Your Audience Using the  KFC Approach

If you live in the US, and maybe outside, you are familiar with Colonel Sanders, who started Kentucky Fried Chicken. You also notice that over the years they have introduced grilled chicken and changed their name to KFC. This name change provides less emphasis on the word FRIED, which in a world that is becoming somewhat more educated on better food choices might serve their sales better.

Today I'm going to share what KFC stands for based on a book I'm listening to How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds (affiliate)or Less by Nicholas Boothman. You can get the audiobook for free by going to www.schoolofpodcasting.com/audibletrial (If you want to be an affiliate for audible, go to www.schoolofpodcasting.com/audible )

The part is to Know what you want out of podcasting. I've said before that you need to know WHY you're getting into podcasting. If you don't, you'll never make it through how. Are you looking to be seen as an expert? Then maybe you should do some Q & A. If you are looking to get people to know and like you, then maybe it's time to ditch the interview format and talk directly to your audience. If you're trying to get a message out, then come up with a hashtag so you can track your progress. The other thing this does is it helps you know if you're being successful or not or if you're even on track.

The F, in this instance, stands for finding what you are getting. When I get feedback from people, they seem to like my style. They say I seem laid back, and I break things down into easy bite-size chunks. They appreciate the fact that I occasionally try to get you to laugh. In the past, I've told you about surveymonkey.com and polldaddy.com and how I've used those services for surveys. My favorite tool for this now is Google Sheets (sheets.google.com). You can easily take this spreadsheet tool and, with a few mouse clicks, turn it into a survey for your audience.

The C is CHANGE. Change the podcast so it delivers what you want.
Unlike the tools I mentioned, it is free, with unlimited questions and responses.

But what if the feedback you're getting isn't what you were expecting? What if things are going in the wrong direction?

You've heard me quote Ryan K Parker of Foodcrafstmen.com for years. I quote it because it's true. No one will punch you in the face if you change your podcast. In fact, look at any long-running series on TV, and you will see how things evolved. Many times, that was because they found out that their ratings were going the wrong way.

Now, it takes courage to have people leave feedback. If you go back to the beginning, when you KNOW what you want out of podcasting, you will be willing to tweak it to get what you want, as you give your audience what they want.

Many Streams Make Up  A River

Launching my New Godaddy Reseller Account

Recently we've been talking a fair amount of about sponsorship, so I want to restate something. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR PODCAST. If you are looking to have some income one of the things you might consider is instead of trying to get a big giant paycheck, get a lot of small checks.

Earlier this year I added some features to the School of Podcasting and raised the prices quite a bit. It turned out those features weren't exactly what people were looking for. So, I tweaked some things and adjusted the pricing. I also looked at the financials of the SOP. Part of the expenses for the School of Podcasting is my ongoing addiction to buying domain names. Yes, they are only $9.99 a year at www.coolerwebsites.com (more on that in a second), but when you have over 100 domains, that adds up. My solution was to eliminate the middleman. I became a reseller for Godaddy. So if you need web hosting, domains, SSL certificates, or any other web-related services, you can go to www.coolerwebsites.com and support me, and have the power of Godadddy.

I Was Won Over With Support

It wasn't just the domains that got me to put my eggs in the GoDaddy basket. I helped a friend set up a website using Bluehost. Now for the record, coolerwebsites-logoI have a few websites on Bluehost. This is because I always try to use what I recommend. He hit a bit of a snag, so I told him how they had good service. He got on the phone, and I got on the live chat. As a person who works in support, I may be a bit more critical, but it was not fast at all. He finally got someone on the phone who was sticking with their script. We got our problem solved, but it took the better part of 90 minutes.

I've been promoting Host Gator for years. I've used them for over 15 years. I've always thought their support was better than Bluehost, and still, do. Over the last year, what use to take 3-5 minutes to get a live chat person to answer a question was turning into 5-20 minutes, and then I often felt like they were holding 5 different chats at the same time. Not horrible, but not great.

When I tried out Godaddy, I was floored by their support. Over the years, they called me to show me how I could save money with their company. No really catch when they called. They just saw my current situation and wanted to let me know if I did things a certain way I could save a few hundred dollars a year. When I get on their chat, I usually have someone within a few minutes and I get my questions answered. So I have a website I'm hosting on them. I didn't have any problems, so I became a reseller. I'm sure they are not perfect, no-host is, but their support won me over.

Currently, if you want to order web hosting specifically designed to be lightning-quick with WordPress, I have a special going where you get

  • 2 websites
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • 400,000 monthly visitors
  • One-click staging site
  • SSH / sFTP
  • Search engine optimization plugin
  • Malware scan & removal
  • Standard SSL Certificate – 1 year free ( renewed annually)

For $11.99 for more information, go to www.schoolofpodcasting.com/hosting

Podcast Glossary: “D”


Digital Audio Workstation. This could be a computer with Audacity running

Double Ender

This a recording strategy. In this instance, each participant records their side of a conversation. Then, all the files are sent to one person who assembles them into one file. It makes it easy to edit and cut out background noise, coughs, etc. It delivers the best quality, but it takes more work and skill. See also multi-Ender

Dynamic/Condensor Microphones

A dynamic microphone tends to pick up what is right in front of the microphone (and less of what is not).

A condenser microphone tends to pick up what is right in front of it and anything else in the room. It often offers a clearer sound, but due to its ability to pick up more subtle sounds in the room, it is often not a good choice for podcasters.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion is a process where a pre-recorded advertisement is inserted into your audio file. This technology can take an advertisement and put it into a producer's back catalog. While the technology is impressive, the results (due to its disruptive feel) often leads to less than desired results. This can lead to lowering the value of the advertisement.

Why Mystery Show Was Cancelled by Gimlet

When this show first aired, I stated that this show was well-produced, but in the end, the content was stupid.

That's why the show got canceled. See my original review.

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  1. Hey Dave, regarding Hindenburg journalist: the -16 LUFS export will automatically set up to -19 if you’re doing mono.

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