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In a previous episode, Social Media was one of the top things people were NOT going to use going forward. Is it social media or are we using it wrong? Maybe by design, it's not designed to give us what we want. Enter Social Stampede a tool that lets you see how many people engaged with you, but WHO it was. Check out Stampede Social at and use the coupon code dave30

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What is Stamped Social?

Stampede Social is an Instagram platform for podcasters, and creators in general, which we, us podcasting, are. The key thing that it does is, on Instagram, it helps deliver your podcast episodes to your fans via automated direct message so you don't have to send them to link in bio.

How Does it Work?

If a listener uses a specific hashtag to you on Instagram they get a DM from you that says, “Thanks for using (hashtag). Here's a link to the episode.

So they comment on the post, and then they automatically get a DM from you with a link to that episode.

The link the listener gets sent is a unique link sent to you, so I know WHO requested this link. And I know if they clicked on it, I know why they requested it, and which post you requested it from. I know how many times they clicked on it, and then over time, if you extrapolate that over a year, I know how many times overall they've requested content or commented on my post. So Stampede Social helps you understand who your top fans are.

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Finally, a website to store all things “Podcasting 2.0”. Find it at

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00:00:00 – Coming Up
00:00:33 – Opening
00:00:59 – Jeff Dwoskin Interview
00:01:56 – What Is It?
00:02:31 – What Makes It Different?
00:04:06 – Just One Link?
00:06:11 – Features and Uses
00:08:46 – Using it For Livestreams
00:09:44 – Giveaways on Stampede Social
00:12:56 – Another Cool Thing
00:15:27 – Do You Get Email Addresses
00:18:25 – Reporting
00:20:56 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:21:55 – New SHow COming
00:22:13 – What If Meta Breaks It?
00:26:12 – What Happens If I Run out of #
00:27:48 – The Power of Live
00:29:39 – Use Coupon dave30
00:30:23 – Jeff's Podcast
00:31:05 – Because of My Podcast Story
00:32:38 – Stampede Social vs Switchy
00:34:25 – Question of the Month
00:35:25 – Live Appearances
00:36:04 – Giveaway Behind the Scenes
00:38:45 – Podcasting 2.0 Home Page
00:42:41 – Share This Please
00:43:06 – Free Promotion for Your Show
00:43:55 – Join the School of Podcasting!
00:44:24 – Bloopers 

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