I Just Launched My Podcast, How Many Downloads Should I Have?

This question has no “Set” answer. It depends on a couple of things:

  1. How much value do your episodes bring to your audience? (is it any good)
  2. How much promotion do you do?
  3. What is your niche (a podcast like this – about podcasting – will never have 5000 downloads)

Right no 50% of podcasts get less than 200 downloads per episode after 30 days (and 50% get more) with the average being around 2000 (listen to The Feed Podcast for updated stats)

Think of Your Podcast Like A Train

A steam locomotive has an engine. The engine has to go to where the other boxcars are an connect. So do you. You need to go to where your audience is, and connect. A train announces where it is via the whistle, you need to promote your show to let people know you exist.

A train starts off slow, very slow, and build momentum over TIME. So they are slow to start, but once started, hard to stop.

My Dad drove a truck, and once had a wreck where the momentum of a couple of tons on his trailer went off the road (he blew a tire) and he was knocking over giant tree's like they were toothpicks, so momentum can do great things. However, it takes time. Today we have Katie Krimitsos on the show, and he is doing great with her show that she has been producing three years. 

So when you start your podcast, the more you focus on your audience (not the tech, not the stats on an hourly basis) you will build up momentum in your show.

Katie Krimistsos on Building a Community With a Facebook Group

Katie has been running the Tampa Bay Business Owners group for five years. Together with her husband Chris Krimitsos, they help business owners grow their businesses and connect with the right people. Katie has been podcasting for three years at http://bizwomenrock.com

In today's interview, we learn the following with Katie:

How to avoid the common mistakes of creating a Facebook Group

The Different types of groups and what each type offers.

How she makes her Facebook group feel special

How she maintains control of her group and keeps them engaged.

Why she had a successful relationship with a sponsor, and quit using them.

How she grew her coaching business with a strategy that anyone can use.

How her podcast fuels her Facebook Group, the Facebook group fuels the podcast, and they both fuel her coaching.

Why she almost quit, and what stopped her from walking away from podcasting.

Check out Katie's tools for growing your community with a Facebook group, taking that group on a retreat, as well as her private coaching to help you grow your business by going to www.bizwomenrock.com and check out her podcast on iTunes (as well as on her site)

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