Because Of My Podcast – I Got To Hang With Rock Royalty

Paul Colligan Rock RoyaltyPaul Colligan has a client who invited him to comes to a charity event run by Alic Cooper where he got to meet Ace Frehley (Kiss) Slash (Guns and Rose) Edgar Winter, Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Alice Cooper and his wife Cheryl (WHO COOL IS THAT???!!!)

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We previously reported how Emily form the Story Behind Podcast got a book offer, we can now say she has a book DEAL (the offer was approved).

Check out Emily at


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Find a Guest – Be a Guest at

I signed up at and I've already been asked to be a guest on a podcast after signing up as an expert. Today we talk with Andrew Alleman the creator of

I love this story as Andrew started it using free services, and has grown with a lot of blood, sweat, and money to build up the email list.

  • Sign up for free and get a list of potential guests who are available to be on your show
  • Sign up as an expert and be featured in their email list that goes out to thousands of people (currently only $29)
  • Some people are getting 20-30 responses to your call for guests (depending on how niche your show is)

The beauty of this story is Andrew did wait until he had everything in place. He started it an improved it over time based on user feedback. Your podcasts can do the same. Within two years Andrew now has 3000 people on his email list.

Andrew's wife (Stacey Higginbotham)  also has a very popular podcast Internet of Things Podcast and Andrew handles the sponsorships for that show. Andrew explains how the typical podcaster should avoid using the CPM (price per thousand downloads) model as their pricing model as it doesn't work for the average podcast.

Andrew also do a show about the domain world at

How Being a Guest Can Help Your Show

One of the things we need as podcast producers is more podcast listeners. When you appear on a podcast you are in front of people who already know how to listen to a podcast. Most podcast listeners say they hear about other podcasts on other shows.

Go listen to the show you're going to be on. This way you can have a better understanding of their audience.

Make sure your bio is up to date and provide a headshot for them to use and your podcast artwork.

Always confirm the day of the interview the data, time etc of the interview

When you are a guest, be a good guest and help promote the show you appeared on.

How Using Guests Can Help Your Show

When you have guests that appear on your show (that bring value) you get insights and experiences that you may not have. They have stories to share, and strategies to help your audience.

While many people feel a guest will tell their audience to listen. That is not always the case (so don't count on it), but as a podcast you need to make sure the guest has everything they need to share your show (give them a pre-written tweet with an image, give them the link, make it a no-brainer to share).

Make sure to take the time to make your guest sound great (that might mean editing out ums, ya-knows, etc). Guests won't share shows where the interview was crap and the audio is worse.

Always confirm the day of the interview the data, time etc of the interview

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