Podcasting turned 20 years old this month, and after hearing James Cridland interview the very first person to produce a podcast (Christopher Lydon) it got me thinking about the early “Middle Finger to the Radio Industry” start of podcasting (and sadly, we seem to repeat history).

There is a study of 1200 podcasters who shared their why and how they podcast, and I share some additional insights. Some of them are not popular, but they are true (from my desk).

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Why Podcasting is So Great

Podcasting's launch started with a giant middle finger to the drool that is the radio in the USA. Corporate FM (free with prime) is a documentary that explains why radio is in such bad shape. People were more interested in getting the truth out than trying to sell mattresses and underwear. The beauty of podcasting is as long as you have a feed, your audience can still get your content. Alex Jones still has a podcast.

With new improvements coming with Podcasting 2.0 that enable people to receive streaming bitcoin that removes the ability to “attack the sponsors” as the money comes directly from the audience.

Spotify and Video Update

So I put the “Ask the Podcast Coach” show on Spotify video (which means I have to use their platform). Here is some fun audio vs video vs Spotify

The last three episodes

Audio 973 downloads
YouTube 447 views
ALL EPISODES SINCE MAY ON SPOTIFY: 3 (Zero of the last three episodes)

Your mileage may vary

Start Your PodcastIndiepod Manifesto Reflections

  1. Play the long game
  2. Indie podcasters are purpose-driven
  3. Streamline your work
  4. Experiment and adapt
  5. Learn form your listeners
  6. Own your content and choose how to monetize
  7. Value individuality and applaud sincerity
  8. Overcome challenges through passion to defy odds
  9. Change their audience's view of the world
  10. Purpose and passion over fortune and fame.

1200 podcasters were interviewed and a manifesto was put together. Some of my favorite lines of the opening paragraphs were, “To those who create not for fame or fortune, but for the joy of connecting with others, of sparking a conversation and of giving voice to the voiceless. And to those who have yet to begin, we welcome you to our tribe of independent thinkers to find your voice, and to stamp your mark on the world.Because when we embrace our differences, when we celebrate our authenticity when we dare to create something new – that’s when we can truly change the world, one story at a time.”

Read the whole thing at www.thepodcasthost.com/pillars-to-podcasting-success/

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