Today I talk about a Podcast that originates on the radio where they need to fill their time slot. It's called Dr. Fitness and the Fat guy. The one episode I listened to took 13 minutes for them to get to the point. Instead of talking about fitness or anything health related, they were talking about the Bob Segar concert. While radio has time to fill, Podcasters should get to the point. This takes the “fluff” and filler out of the presentation and makes it more valuable (as you are not wasting your listener's time.

Shopwurld Could be A Way For Podcasters to Make Money
Shopwurld PodcastI started the Shopwurld Podcast, and while this sure is a multi-level marketing website, I see that if you purchase things on a regular basis, this could be a way for the podcaster to make money if they get their audience to sign up. If you don't spend money on a regular basis, this isn't for you. I purchased a magazine subscription (which I was going to buy anyway) and I have my “dues” paid for two months. Check out my podcast at

Understanding Your Mixer
What is the difference between the Gain and the Level knobs?
Think of the water hose on your house. The gain knob sets how much total pressure is sent to the nozzle (the level knob/slider). So the more your turn up the gain of your channel, the most sensitive the slider is. Always make sure the channel volume is less than the master volume or you will “over drive” the mixer and cause distortion.

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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1 comment on “Hey DJ – Get To The Point!
  1. Jeremy says:


    Long-time listener…love the podcast tips.

    I must say, though, that I found this episode somewhat amusing. In an episode where you rail against podcasters taking too long to get to the point, it took you 5:27 to start talking about this, the main subject of your podcast.

    Excellent point, though. Just because the internet gives podcasters unlimited time for their shows does not mean they should use it!

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