Clay Groves is one of the nicest guys on the planet. I always smile when I see him at an event. I know I'm going to be smiling and laughing soon. He is the host of Fish Nerds, and over the years when I saw him in person he would tell me a “Because of My podcast” Story and when I heard his last one, I said, “I need to have you come on the show and share these stories.

In today's interview you will hear:

6:44 Clay sold some of these stories

12:11 Clay has been paid to speak

14:59 His relationships have lead to more and more opportunities

16:09 Clay launches a business doing fishing tours

20:28 What equipment does Clay use to record on a boat?

22:51 Clay builds a path to radio

28:54 Clay gets the call

39:20 Clay quits his day job.

43:24 Clay's 12-Year-old daughter is podcasting

Podcasting is Like Fishing


You have bait in fishing. In podcasting, your headlines lure people in. The right bate for the right people. Learn more about headlines HERE.

You want people to not only attract but subscribe to your podcast (bite that hook). When someone subscribes they are on your line. Some might say you are in the boat. If you're using your podcast as a marketing arm of your company, then maybe getting them on your email list is getting them in the boat. It all depends on your goals.

Just like fishing, you have to go to where the fish are (you need to go to where your audience is). You use the best lure, be patient, and when you come up with a combination that works, you make note of it and do it again.

You also realize that some days, the fish just aren't biting and that is just part of fishing.

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Clays Equipment:

Zoom H4n

ATR 2100 Microphone

93.5 WMVW

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