While there are no rules for podcasting, there are best practices, and today, I'm talking with Courtney Elmer, who helps people get into the top 100 of the Apple Charts. We also discuss how podcasting can give you back your voice and help you be heard.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Podcast

An entrepreneur can boost sales when their podcast is

On a regular schedule (it helps you be seen as reliable).

Makes points through personal stories (it helps them to know you, while not going on a complete tangent).

Good. Most people do not listen to shows that need help. Seeing you as reliable, personable, and helpful makes it easy to boost sales.

Maximize Your Podcast's Impact

  • Have a SUPER CLEAR vision of your target audience and what problem they need help solving.
  • Avoid Vague names. Tell them what you plan on naming your show, and ask what they think it is about. When their answers match your content, you've picked a good name (This is in the Planning Your Podcast Course).
  • Choose a day when there is less competition in your industry (Check out Court's Workshop)
  • Make your artwork stand out—Zig when others are zagging.
  • Keep your show description short, and explain how you help solve their problem.
  • Create episode titles that inspire people to click play

Courtney Could Have Lost Her Voice – The AntiFragile Entrepreneur

In today's interview, you'll hear how Courtney could have lost her voice, and that medical scare had her realize that she had already been silenced trying to meet others' expectations. When it comes to being AntiFragile, “It just means that you're facing hard things. You might come out a little stronger, but it doesn't necessarily mean you've grown as a person. So for me, antifragile takes that one step further. And I love to look at business through that lens Because we all know as business owners, and when these adversities come our way, how are we navigating them? Very few people are talking about how do we get better at navigating failure? Are we normalizing Are we looking at failure as something to avoid? Or are we looking at it as something to be excited about because we know that's where the growth happens? So that's what my show explores.

I'm listening to all these experts tell me how to market my business, but I'm not looking at what they're doing to market theirs. They're podcasting. – Courtney Elmer

What Got Courtney Elmer to Press Record

Courtney had been promoting her business with social media, and things were moving slow. She was getting business advice from people like Ama Porterfield, and then one day, I don't know why this didn't click sooner, but one day it finally clicked. And I was like, why not a podcast? I'm listening to all these experts tell me how to market my business, but I'm not looking at what they're doing to market theirs. They're podcasting.

AI Can Be Helpful – But It's Not You

When I asked Courtney about AI (as a new AI tool comes our hourly), here were her thoughts:

“You know, It's interesting this world we're living in now with AI, and I'm a big believer, Dave, in the responsibility we have, especially as business owners, especially as entrepreneurs, to use our voice. Because your voice is what creates your legacy. And right now, what we see happening in the industry is that we've got the dawning of all these AI tools that, without parsing words, are stealing your voice from you. I know that it's your voice on that podcast episode. You created that. That's your IP. That's your content. You're uploading it To this machine, essentially, that's gonna then spit out words back at you.

I value my time (It's is my top Ccore value). So I'm all for saving it wherever I can. But at the same time, I think we have to be really careful about where we're giving our power away as podcast hosts. And one of the things and I I made this decision recently for my own podcast. We had a copywriter who was amazing. She wrote our show notes for years. She did a great job. She followed my format.

She knew exactly what to do. And this year, I was looking at my business and looking at the ways in where I'm giving my voice away to other people in the interest of saving time. And I told her, I said, you know, I love working with you. You do a great job. I said, and I'm realizing that for this next level in my own growth and with where I'm going with the podcast, I need to take that piece of it back because it needs to be my voice.

And she understood.

So, with AI, I think we have to be careful. I think it's a great tool. We've tested a lot of the ones where you upload, you know, your audio or your video. It spits back the show notes, the social media captions, the emails, all of that's great. But I recommend that you, as the host, put your eyes on it before it goes out. Tweak it so that it sounds like you. Make sure that it's what you want Represented. You know, it's representative of your brand.

Learn More From Courtney

Courtney Elmer is from the AntiFragile Entrepreneurship Podcast ( www.antifragileentrepreneurship.co ) where she extracts the invaluable wisdom from business leaders who have turned their biggest failures into fuel for exponential growth.

She also conducts live workshops

and has a private podcast at

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