Deirdre Tshien CEO and co-founder of Capsho, recently discussed the mental process of dealing with competition. She explains that Capsho is an AI-powered podcast content writer, created to help Podcaster organically grow their show. Additionally, she talks about the new updates in CapSho 2.0, which allows users to have more control over their content, such as being able to drag and drop blocks into their descriptions.

In Today's Discussion

  • Always double-check and ensure anything that appears to be “competition” actually is (cause it may not be.
  • Ensure you are solving a problem your audience has by keeping in touch with them and, above all, listen.
  • How Capsho 2.0 puts the reigns of control back into the podcaster's hand through HumAIne controls
  • How pushing through the urge to quit can result in new success (notice Deirdre said it was her third time of making the other with her coaching business
  • How creating amazing content for your listeners can leave them feeling in debited to you (which inspires them to purchase your products).
  • Why every coach should have their own podcast.

With the Closing of Volley, I'm Moving to Zip Message

I was a big fan of the Volley app except for one thing: it s was free. Eventually, they added additional features that you had to pay for, but in my opinion, they had so many great features in their free version that there wasn't enough motivation to upgrade(although “keeping them in business” should've been motivation enough).

So I'm replacing Volley with Zip Message, which I feel is the closest Volley Alternative at the moment. Here is a quick video.

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