How to Do a Podcast Like Joe Rogan

I get the question, “How do I make a podcast like Joe Rogan?” Please let me put my tongue in my cheek and answer this question.

I would love to help you

Joe did the following to prepare for his podcast:

1988: Started doing comedy in Boston

1994: Moves to LA six years after to do television (including News Radio)

1997: Start working with the United Fighting Championship (nine years after starting)

2000: Releases first stand up special released (12 years after he started)

2001: Start hosting Feat Factor on TV (NBC)

2003: Takes over hosting The Man Show on Comedy Central

2003: Also involved with Last Comic Standing television show.

2006: Goes back to comedy

2009: Launches his podcast

He Makes it Look So Easy

Watch Joe do an interview and he makes it look easy. He is a very INTENSE listener, and you might think all you have to do is ask some people some questions, but it’s just not that easy. There is a lot of prep involved in doing interviews. Joe’s background in comedy and working in clubs for years gives him the ability to think on his feet.

Do you have to wait 21 years to start your podcast? No, but if you want someone to consume your content in 20 years and think, “They make it look so easy” you do need to start now. You can help anyone with your message in your head. You can change the world with a recording on your hard drive.

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Equipment & Studio Setup

Joe uses the Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone (the same microphone Michael Jackson used on Thriller). It's a great microphone.

Joe uses Yellowtec microphone arms (really expensive ) a nice alternative is the Heil PL2t

On the road, Joe has talked about using the Blue Raspberry Mobile USB Microphone

For headphones, Joe uses Sennheiser HD280PRO

So the guests can hear themselves on their headphones Joe uses the Behringer POWERPLAY HA8000

His mixer is the Behringer XENYX X1222USB

To record the episodes he uses a TASCAM DR-100 Portable Digital Recorder

Joe Hosts his podcast on ( get a free month using the coupon code sopfree )

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Equipment & Studio Setup On A Budget

Joe uses some great top of the line equipment. Here are some alternatives that will still have you sounding great.

Instead of the Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone use the Electroice RE320 There is a great kit that has the mic, boom arm, and shock mount

I mentioned using Heil PL2t boom arm, an even less expensive (but still quality arm) is the Samson MBA38

Instead of the Blue Raspberry USB Mobile microphone get a Zoom H6 Recorder this is the same price as the Tascam DR-100 but has more options for recording.

Instead of the Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones use the industry standard Sony MDR7506 Headpones

Swap out the Behringer POWERPLAY HA8000 headphone amplifier for the Mackie HM-4 Amplifier

Swap out the Behringer XENYX X1222USB mixer for BEHRINGER, 12 XENYX which allows up to four microphones at a time.

I already mentioned swapping out the recorder and I also recommend for media hosting

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2 comments on “How to Do a Podcast Like Joe Rogan
  1. Rod P Saunders says:

    How to do a podcast like Joe Rogan.
    1. Become a successful MMA fighter
    2. Become a successful stand up comedian
    3. Parlay your success as a comedian into acting roles on sitcoms
    4. Parlay your acting career into hosting a reality TV show
    5. Parlay your success in MMA and TV into work as a MMA color commentator
    6. Parlay all of the above and your numerous relationships and experiences over the years into a career in podcasting.

    In other words you’re not going to be anything like Joe Rogan unless you ARE Joe Rogan. You can learn from what he’s done and benefit from it, but let’s be realistic. Without a similar bio you’re not going to get similar results.

  2. Hello Rod,
    Not so much that you need Joe’s resume, but Joe didn’t do this in six months. I can take years to build an audience. Podcasting can bring opportunities (if you bring value), if you take advantage of that opportunities it can lead to more opportunities (if you bring value).

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