How to Make Key Decisions For Your Podcast.

There are times when we are either planning your podcast, launching it, or you're just trying to get a larger audience. I see people in groups, websites, and meetups where they are stuck in the decision-making process. Today we are going to walk through the basic steps, and look at where and why people get stuck.


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The Basics of Making a Decision

In doing some research and reading a bunch of articles you can boil decision-making down to about 5-10 steps. These are:

Step 1: Identify your goal
Step 2: Gather information for weighing your options
Step 3: Consider the Consequences
Step 4. Make the Decision
Step 5. Evaluation the decision

EXAMPLE: Getting Dressed Today – What to wear.

  1. I needed to figure out what to wear. I would be going to church and then shopping.
  2. Gather information. How hot is it going to be? What is appropriate for church about not make me feel way overdressed for a trip to Walmart
  3. Naked is not an option. Suits are not an option. Sleaves are not an option. I could go in a t-shirt, but wanted something less casual.
  4. I opened my closed door and looked at what was available and selected a black colored shirt with a collar, but very thin material to keep me cool
  5. At best 20 people would see me at Church, and I don't care about anyone who sees me shopping. I will never see them again.

What You Need To Start a Podcast

Putting personnel aside (solo vs co-host vs guests), to start a podcast you need:

  1. A Name
  2. Artwork that meets Apple Specifications
  3. An Apple-ready RSS feed.
  4. At least one published episode

Here Are Some of the Decisions You May Need to Make When Creating a Podcast

The name of the show

Format (co-host/solo/guest/all of the above)

The Artwork

The Gear

The Media Host

The Website platform

The Schedule

The music (yes/no – what type)

Mistakes People Make When Making A Decisions

Zero Research

There are some shows that have done zero research and end up naming their show the same as MANY other shows (search for outside the box in your favorite app).

Lack of Qualified Advice
Not having an expert or someone who has done what you're doing. My ex-wife was a nurse and when I was given the decision of “How do you want your Dad to die, slow or fast?” She asked for a surgical consult. I didn't even know what a surgical consult was, but we did one and it added about five more years to my Dad's life.

Paralysis By Analysis

There is a Ted Talk by Sheena Lyengar who is a blind psycho economist who specializing in decision making
They had 348 different kinds of jam. We set up a little tasting booth right near the entrance of the store. We there put out six different flavors of jam or 24 different flavors of jam, and we looked at two things: First, in which case were people more likely to stop, sample some jam? More people stopped when there were 24, about 60 percent, than when there were six, about 40 percent. The next thing we looked at is in which case were people more likely to buy a jar of jam. Now we see the opposite effect. Of the people who stopped when there were 24, only three percent of them actually bought a jar of jam. Of the people who stopped when there were six, well now we saw that 30 percent of them actually bought a jar of jam.

So when you do some research and bounce it off someone who you feel provides trustworthy advice, you're ready to move to on to looking at the consequences.

Fear of Consequences

You think there is an A U D I E N C E listening when you first start (there isn't). Then a few months later you have fear because people ARE listening. Remember no one will punch you in the face. You can change things later.

00:00 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
01:13 Welcome to the Show
01:55 Clay Groves is Now the Morning Guy
05:03 Basic Steps of Making Decisions
09:00 Hobby Shows Have Easier Decisions
09:33 Hobby Shows Might Have Easier Decisions
10:17 The Perfect Podcast
11:03 Paralysis By Analysis
13:21 Facebook Groups May Be More Confusing than Helpful
14:17 What Will You NOT Do?
16:23 Emotional Decisions
17:12 Emotional Pressure
18:14 Apps to Help With Decisions
19:12 There Will Be Bad Decisions
21:03 Join The School of Podcasting
22:31 Dave Uses This Process In Real Life
31:35 Thanks to All My Well Wishers
35:36 Bloopers

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