A podcast trailer has many pros from a creative standpoint. It forces you to identify WHO you are talking to and what can you say to get them to listen to your podcast.

For me, a trailer is 30,60, 90 seconds. When you mark your episode as a trailer it is stuck at the top of your show on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple. Some podcasts do trailer episodes that are 2-5 minutes long.

As always in podcasting, there are no set rules.

Do You Need a Podcast Trailer?

It’s not mandatory, but if we go back to that person in an app wondering if they should listen, they see good artwork, a good show title, and good episode titles, it may be that trailer (stuck to the top of the list) that they click on to decide if they want more.

Things to Keep In Mind

As this may be the first thing you put out publicly, you may find out in five episodes that the audio quality is not as good as the stuff you are recording now. I’ve got a solution for this. Write out a script for your trailer. Later, you can go back and record the script and sound better. You can replace the file and all is good.

Types of Trailers

Coming Soon Trailer – Tease your audience about a show or season that is coming soon.

A Show Trailer – These entice people to listen to your show. You can mark it as a trailer, use it on social media, put it on your website (on the about page).

Your Podcast Trailer is a Bit Like a Stew.

There are some ingredients that EVERYONE puts in their stew, but some may be more fringe.

Realize that for a promo to be effective you need to know who your audience is. I always say,”Spend $100 on a microphone and 100 hours getting to know your audience.”

Start Your Podcast TodayMUST INCLUDE

The name of your show. (Slowly Clearly)
Who is it for?
What is it about?
Why should people listen? (Yes, why should people listen to YOU)?
What can they expect? (guests topics)
Your website (slowly and clearly).
A single call to action (I recommend your website).

The schedule (this one isn't that important to me, it's your show, your trailer).


Asking for money
I just met you. Why would I give you money?

Asking them to follow you on social.
I don't know you. Why would I follow? Let your podcast move people to follow you on social.

Multiple calls to action.
Follow me here, here, there… um, NO.

Your website is pronounced so fast you can't understand it.
You want me to go there? Say it slowly, confidently, and clearly.

Music that is too loud
I know you worked hard on finding the music and you love it. But if I can't hear the words, I'm not taking action based on this trailer.

Have the voiceover start quickly.
Don't make me ask, “Is the voiceover person coming in soon?”

When Is Your Podcast Trailer Ready for the Public?

When you play it for someone who should love this show should say, “Yes, this makes me want to hear this show.”

Common Characteristics of Trailers

1. The Hook
Something that grabs them. A question. A “holy cow” stat. Something that makes the potential listener think, “That's me!”

2. Set the Stage – We Understand Your World
To gain the trust of the potential listener they need to feel we understand them. We can do this by describing their world.

3. Define the problem
When you describe your target listeners' biggest problem, they will wonder if you've been spying on them as you grab their attention.

4. Introduce the solution (introduce yourself)
Hello, I'm the person who can help solve your issue.

5. Call to Adventure (listen to your podcast)
ONE call to action (visit my website – where you have subscribe/follow buttons).

6. Add some flavor/tone/attitude
Don't be afraid to add some flavor to your trailer. This will help people decide if you're a good fit.

Creating Your Trailer

Plenty of companies – including Music Radio Creative – offer podcast trailer production services. Whether or not you outsource the technical aspects, there are still steps you need to take to create your podcast trailer.

1. Write an outline. Jot out some ideas of how you’d like the trailer to sound. Think about ways you can bring out the podcast’s style and tone in the trailer. Is your podcast serious? Is it whacky?

2. Intro and outro. You want the beginning of the trailer to really grab their attention. You want the outro to be your one call to action.

3. Choose clips/highlights. When using clips, make sure they are short and maximized for impact.

4. Write the script. When writing the script, write like you talk (and throw grammar out the window).

5. Record your audio. Record the parts that feature you and any co-hosts.

6. Choose your background music. You want to use the same audio branding as your podcast. This brings familiarity to your content. Be careful that it's not too loud.

7. Produce your trailer. Now take all of the pieces and assemble them into a wav file (for trailer exchanges) and an mp3 to put in public.

8. Get people to listen to it and answer the question (honestly) does this make you want to hear the podcast?

9. If your trailer leaves people wanting more, upload the episode to your podcast host. Share your trailer on your website and social media pages, too.

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