In this episode, you will learn the secrets to writing an attention-grabbing podcast description that will captivate your listeners.  This is not “show notes” or a “pomo”. This is the description for YOUR SHOW. This description is seen by all the apps (and hence why it is so important). Don't stress out about that, you can update your show description at any time.


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Start Your PodcastWhile every show is different, and thus, every description is different there are some items you may want to include:

Get Them Saying Yes to Your Podcast

By stating an obvious truth, you show that you “Get” your audience and get them saying, “yes.”

So for this show, it might be, “Growing your podcast can take longer than you think.”

Marriage is a rewarding experience, but it also is a lot of work.

Frequency, Format, and Facts

This can be your schedule (Frequency).

How often are the episodes, what is the format (solo, interview, panel, narrative), and any facts about the host that might lend some street cred?
Example for this show: This weekly magazine-style show from Hall of Fame podcaster Dave Jackson shares insights from his 17 years as one of the industry's top podcast educators.

Example Marriage Advice Show: In this weekly show twice, divorced Dave Jackson answers your questions about marriage and relationships.

Who is This For? Write Your Podcast Description to Attract Them

By specifically identifying who the show is for, you better attract your target audience. If you haven't figured out who your target audience is, you should. You need to know WHY you are starting your podcast, and WHO your audience is (covered in the Planning Your Podcast course). 

What value and/or what benefit is the listener going to walk away with?

The question, “Why should people listen” can also be seen as “What value do you bring” and this can trigger our good friend imposter syndrome. You can let fear in the car, but you can’t let it drive. Determining what value you bring is a good thing. If you’re not sure you bring value, what would you need to feel like you do?

Call to Action

Your call to action in your description (as this will be seen in all the apps) should be to play or, even better, follow/subscribe. Regarding asking them to go to your website or other calls to action, do those in episodes AFTER they start listening. 

Your podcast audience must benefit first

Other Options

Some people like to start off with a question. 


This is another reason to keep your description short. The more paragraphs you want and bold, italics, etc it is going to look weird. In most apps, the description is simple text. If you do include links, they won't work. 

All you can do is enter things the right way and hope for the best. 


What Podcast Events Am I Attending?

I look forward to seeing you all; please come up and say hi. To see my full itinerary, go to


This month the question is one I often do in January. What are your top podcasting pet peeve? Those little things that drive you nuts.

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