Today I'm talking about some tips for presentation, as well we WHY you should be doing some sort of introduction for your podcast. This includes:

Doing Transitions Between Topics:
Enable the listener to fast forward through topics they may not want ot listen to, and makes the whole flow of the podcast better.

When you just stop music, it jars the listener. You want the transition to signal something new is now on board.

If you are looking for theme music check out and do a search for the word themes, beats, etc

Get a pop filter for your podcast. Popping P's are annoying. They are about 20 bucks, and can boost your presentation immensly.

Dave explains the jibberish issue when it comes to looking at an XML file.

The reason you should do some sort of introduction to your pdocast is for the Apple iPod Shuffle users. Even if you don't care about shuffle users, its beneficial for the listener. It's all about the listener.

Special thanks to Laura Adam of the MBA Working Girl podcast at

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