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Defining Podcast Success

My last episode had 515 downloads in two weeks. If I compare myself to Leo Laporte who has THOUSANDS of listeners I will feel awful. However, if I got in a room of 515 people that would be a lot of people. There are podcast pioneers (starting in 2004) that have huge audiences. They were kind of luck in that they got the “Milton Berle” effect (having no competition). However, people like Michael Butler, Keith and the Girl, and Dawn and Drew have talent.

Promotion is Queen

100 Free Business Cards
I have a podcast that is in iTunes that I have not promoted AT ALL. I have about 10 downloads per episode. So listing your podcast in iTunes will not get you tons of listeners. You will need to promote your show to grow your audience. Someone asked “How many episodes do I need to get an audience?” it takes more than putting out a podcast.

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You need to let people know about your podcast. I use business cards from places like Vista Print, and PSP Print and Over Night Prints


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Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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