I had a listener write in and ask, “What mistakes have you made in the past, that if you had to do it all again – you would avoid.

1. I would use wordpress. When I started I built my website in Dreamweaver, and I did my RSS feed in a different program. When I moved to wordpress, I do it all in one setp. I use Host Gator for my hosting, and you can install WordPress in a few clicks. I am surprised at the people who try to use things like Joomla to do a podcast (you end up with audio on a website).

2. I would use dynamics microphones instead of condensor. They pick up less background noise. Unless you have an extremely quiet room, go with something like a Sure SM 58. For more information on that check out www.schoolofpodcasting.com/equipment

3. I would get to the point quicker than I did when I first started

4. Don't use a free service for your web hosting (wordpress.com, blogger.com)I didn't do this, but I've helped people who have.

5. I would not use amazon S3 for hosting. It's cheap when I started, but now my bills are over 28 bucks a month for media hosting.

6. Do NOT put time based titles (daily , weekly) into your podcast name.

7. Instead of doing three mediocre podcasts, do one really well.

I'll be in Oklahoma next week. If you live there – let's do dinner. I did that with Rich Palmer of Audio Gumshoe and Blogs Views and Blues.

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  1. Oh, god–Joomla! Rotten solution for blogging and podcasting, and for most small-business websites, it’s like hitting a fly with a sledgehammer. Plus you can’t use an offline editor with it.

    Oh, and you mentioned once that you would have named your podcast something more descriptive than “The Morning Announcements,” and that you’d’ve been more consistent with your ID3 tags from the start.

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