OK, I'm having a really bad day, but talking podcasting always cheers me up. I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that playing major label music in your podcast illegal, and I would definitely NOT have it as part of my intro music. Especially when I can use a service like Music Radio Creative and get it faster for not a whole lot more money.

Jay Mohr's new podcasting network only has buttons for iTunes. This doesn't help people who want to listen on a smart phone.

Mark and Brian's “Mark” launches the Mark and Lynda podcast who are using a NING site. You could do this and use Libsyn to place a podcast on their site.

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6 comments on “Illegal Music in Podcasting – Missing RSS Buttons – Mark and Lynda Podcast.
  1. Scott says:

    I never heard of Mark and Brian (years ago I stopped listening to all the crap that makes up commercial radio). Due to already having a following, this new podcast will probably get a good chunk of subscribers, but I won’t be among them. If I wanted to see people argue about nonsense, I would watch C-Span.

  2. Kelly says:

    @ Scott… F U Scott,,, Do you have nothing to do all day but go around and state your stupid ass opinons, Why not go somewhere taht you enjoy and be positive,, Thx for following your Dreams M&L,,love the pooches!!!!

  3. Scott says:

    Well, it looks like Mark and Lynda have found their Target IQ demographic. Now that’s quality marketing.

  4. johnnbay says:

    It’s like listening to ~Sponsor Driven~ home movies. If you never heard of Mark and don’t want commercials shoved down your throat. Skip this Podcast.Piece?

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