I'm back from Podcast Movement Evolutions in LA. I learned some cool stuff, and YouTube did a presentation and today I pointed out the good, the bad, and the confusing.

I also point out some people who got busted doing things that could damage podcasting's integrity.

My friends Harry and Kevin boil down podcast monetization to a single question.

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YouTube At Podcast Movement Evolutions

I am so sick of people calling a video on YouTube a podcast. It's a SHOW. When you redefine what a podcast you end up with BS stats like, “YouTube is the #1 people are discovering video podcasts. No, they are discovering YouTubers on YouTube.

Yes, YouTube has far superior stats than podcasting because it's centralized. This also means that if they kick you off, you're out of luck. I do wonder if podcasters could stand another haircut and have all apps default to not automatically download files until the user turns them on.

They plan on making an API so hosts can push their episodes to YouTube (Libsyn is already doing this). The problem is, people may have gone through the steps to pull their podcast into YouTube, and now YouTube will give them a way to push their episodes to YouTube. They will do both, and end up with duplicates.

Shame on Podcast “Cheaters”

In an article for Bloomberg by Ashley Carmen she point out that at least nine of the current top 50 shows on Apple Podcasts have been promoted in mobile games. While I see both sides (great my ad is in front of a 12-year-old boy, and not all gamers are 12-year-old boys), I'm just worried the more money comes into the space, the more people will look the other way, and ruin the integrity of podcasting (which is right now above all other forms of media per Edison research).

The people and companies doing this should either make a statement or be shunned. If we're missing something let us know, but the fact that the service to do this kind of promotion was not advertised on the website does not make it look good for Mowpod. The other thing that didn't help is they left Podcast Movement Evolutions before the last day, leaving their booth empty.

Anytime I see ANY company stating they will promote my show using ads on sites that point at THEIR landing page using THEIR player, I see that as a red flag. In a previous episode, I talked about this in-depth in an interview with someone right on the edge of fraud.


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Timeline / Chapters

00:00:01 – Coming Up
00:00:28 – Opening
00:01:09 – Because of My Podcast – Press Pass (https://cinemapsychosshow.com/ )
00:04:36 – What YouTube Said at PME24
00:07:32 – What is The Benefit of Podcasts on YouTube?
00:08:32 – Stats and the Algo
00:11:15 – Triggered
00:11:52 – Avoid Duplicate Listings
00:12:34 – Thumbnails For Episodes?
00:13:59 – Join the School of Podcasting (https://podclick.me/fromsopshownotes )
00:14:59 – Checklist (https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/checklist )
00:15:15 – Podcast Cheaters?
00:19:12 – Let Me Be The First
00:21:16 – Podcast Rewind: Audio Branding https://voiceoversandvocals.com/blog/podcasting/podcasting-dos-donts-a-conversation-with-dave-jackson-part-1/
00:23:09 – Monetization Boiled Down to One Question https://www.podcastjunkies.com/kevin-chemidlin-interview/
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00:27:02 – You Don't Have to Monetize
00:29:12 – Sign Up For Giveaway https://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/giveaway
00:30:04 – Question of the Month
00:31:06 – Wrapping It Up
00:32:06 – Bloopers
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