After seeing the podcasting space gear up for more advertising (something I'm not thrilled with) more media hosts are developing dynamic content. So what is dynamic content, do you need it, and how do you use it?

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is content that your media host inserts into your mp3 file at spots you select. This is often used for ads. In some spaces, people confuse “Dynamic Ad Insertion” and “Dynamic Content” as being the same thing. They are not. While you can use Dynamic Content, it does NOT have to be ads. It can be anything that is time-sensitive.

Who Offers This Technology? (LibsynPro solution – full disclosure I work there). Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month. Contact Rob Walch for more information rob @ ). Libsyn has geotargeting as well as dynamic content.

Captivate has an impressive dynamic content tool that even updates your episode description when you swap out content.
Podbean has pod ads they charge $1/cpm
Blubrry has a pro version
Red Circle (500 weekly downloads criteria) (10,000 downloads a day criteria)
Buzzsprout (Pre and Post Roll)

Pros of Dynamic Content

  • No more outdated time-based content
  • The ability to sell your back catalog*

Cons of Dynamic Content

  • You really need to pay attention to volume levels.
  • To sell your back episodes you need to go through your whole back episodes and insert spots.
  • Updating old files might be trickier
  • You need to consider how to lead in and come out of dynamic content.


Volume Standards

Currently the standard output volume standard for podcasting is

Mon File
-19 LUFS

Stereo file
-16 LUFS.

I've been using the WLM Plus Plugin which has some great preset from Mike Russell of Music Radio Creative

To learn how to monitor your output here are some tutorials for Audacity, Audition, and Hindenburgthanks James.

Focusrite Interfaces

Go to

Unlimited Time Shifted One-On-One Consulting

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I Heard It On a Podcast

Disney got all sorts of deals when they built the location in Florida. On the No Agenda show they explain that the reason employees are known as “Castmembers” is to get around Florida Labor laws. It's at the 2 hours and25 minute mark.

Apple Charts Criteria

I've said for years that ratings and reviews do NOTHING but provide social proof. You want people to ask people to follow you and share your show with a friend.

see post from Apple

Where I Will Be

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