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He is on podcast number two, and this one is allowing him to make some money

Question of the Month: Where Are you With Podcasting?

[6:28] Clay from the Fish Nerds Podcast is a 4

[7:30] Paul from the Fighting Through Podcast is a 1

[8:48] Andrea from Union Podcastera is a 1

[12:18] Darwyn Dave from Dealing with My Grief is 1

[13:59] Brad from The Cinema Guys is a 1

[15:23] Jared from The Fire Rescue is a 3

[16:52] Micah and Dustin from Tales From Bedlum -5

[17:55]   Jonathon Bloom from the Weekly Awesome Podcast– 1

[19:07] Kim from Teachers Need Teachers  is a 1

[23:21] Josh from the Corner Cutters Podcast (about the Rubik's cube) – 1

[25:10] Ryan Nelson – Conspiracy Theoryology is a 1

[27:27] Master Kuldryn's from Kuldryn's Krypt is a – 1

28:28 Seth from Geekville Radio, and Classic Wrestling Memories  is a 1

31:01 Timothy was at a 5 and is now at a 3

34:52 Vanessa from Vanessa's View is at a 1 (or UNO)

39:41 Win Charles is a 6

Check Out Joe Tomorrow

Tuesday (this coming Tuesday…September 25th)
The Improv Orlando Florida
Doors open at 6:30 – Show starts at 7:30

LOTS of people in the cast. We EVEN have an opening act, the awesome 15-minute long Popcorn Finance podcast (up for a personal finance Plutus Award for Best New Podcast in that space) at next week's award show.

Update on Michael Stelzner and Social Media Marketing World

In episode 635 (Logic and Emotion) I had mentioned how Social Media Marketing World has pulled their podcasting track. I wanted to clarify while Leo Laporte at one point had said “podcasting is dead” and then later took it back, Michael Stelzner never said podcasting is dead. He simply said his statistics show that his socials media crowd that attends his audience is less interested in the subject of podcasting. Michael still uses podcasting to promote Social Media Marketing world. If you can't afford the trip, some of the top experts are speaking at this event, and you can purchase a virtual ticket

I just got done binge watching on Michael's YouTube series “The Journey” as the second season has just started (so I have to binge the first episode) and this once again proves that “behind the scenes” information is often “not boring.” Check it out at

Sue Jennett
Your chat about choosing words that evoke emotion was interesting for me, as I like to choose my words carefully for both my podcasts and my blog. I hadn’t before thought about trying to evoke any emotion, but more to inform in an easy-to-listen-to manner. As often happens when I hear your podcasts, I’m at that time working on something to which I can apply your advice. I was, last night, ready to record my speaking portions and edit a podcast about the sacrament of communion for those on a ggluten-freediet. Earlier in the evening ,I chaired a meeting of our local celiac support group, and out of the blue, someone stopped me before I left to ask if I knew any solutions for this exact problem. She didn’t know I had researched it, and spoken to a guest about it. I felt good that I could impart some useful information to her, but what was more impactful on me was her emotional investment in the issue.
I left the meeting and came home to “infuse” my podcast with small tugs on the emotional fabric of my listeners. I also used the same strategy to write my social media for today. Small changes, small words, strategically placed to evoke emotion, when the subject is suitable is something I now have in my arsenal of podcasting tools.
Thanks Dave – BTW my social posts are getting more comments and interaction than I have ever had on any particular podcast – and guess what – they are mostly emotionally driven!
PS – I started a second podcast over the summer on gluten free weight loss/management so you’ll soon see my comments on your Logical Weight Loss Podcast, as I’ve binged on it for a few months now.

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