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Radio Industry blog Radio Survivor has named podcasting one of the most important radio trends of the last ten years. They state that RSS podcasts feeds made it much easier to index podcasts and create easily searchable online directories organized by genre and keyword.

I also found another blog post from Shel Hulz who does the podcast For Immediate Release. He (along with Nevile Hobson) has been doing it since 2005 and he recently put together a “looking back” post as they recorded their 514 show on their fourth anniversary. Here are some of the ways that Podcasting is helping Shel.

Loyal Listeners – His show is published twice a week on a very regular basis. His fans are so loyal that when he was hours (not days) late he got email They have come to depend on his show.

Mutual Respect – By having a co-host Shel and Nevile know the other person is working hard on gathering material, and they don’t want to let the other person down. It keeps them on pace, and it allows each other to share the load.

Staying Current – They have started a fountain of knowledge. Shel checks over 100 blogs for information for the show, and he gets input from his audience as well. Consequently, he and Nevile are completely up to date with the latest happenings (and I would guess they have a good idea on what trends are coming).

Client Work – By being so up to date, they are experts and this leads them to get more consulting clients.

Because of these benefits Shel is committed to podcasting. How committed? He spends 14 hours per week preparing, recording, and editing his show. The best part if Shel says that all the work is worth every minute.

You can read the full blog here

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