Today we do a quick microphone shoot out with Sure Sm58, Electro Voice RE320, and the Heil Pr40. My answer? Yes it really is that good. Do you HAVE to have one to start a podcast? No. By the time you purchase the microphone, shock mount, and a pop filter, Heil PR Mic Boom Arm, 10 Foot Mic Cable you are looking at close to $600 (but it sounds awesome). You could get by without the shock mount and boom arm if needed.I was amazed when I recorded this. It was into my then working Zoom H4, in a room the size of a closet with no noise baffling.  This is where you hear how the Heil PR40 only picks up me and much less of the room than even the EV Re320 (which does a good job compared to a condensor mic). Is the Heil PR40 that good? Yes. I will own one in 2012.

Victoria Gibbons asks, “Thanks for the 27 steps to iTunes, but what happens then?” To this I say there is the list at Podcast 411, but Jay Walsh of ProPodder just released a list of 50 that are still working (many have faded away).Speaking of website about podcasting, two new podcast about Podcasting have come to my attention they are Podcasting Passion with Max Flight, and Podcast Coach. These will be added to the list of Podcasts About Podcasting.

We also cover the topics of Feedburner stats. These vary from day-to-day. The stats represent how many people THAT DAY looked at your RSS feed. Focus on content, and the numbers will follow.

New Podcast Review Show – Brought Back

I got my wife involved to help me with the Podcast Review show. We listen to your podcast, tell you what we think. You agree or disagree with us. Want an HONEST first impression of your podcast, check us out at We look at your website, your content, flow, production quality, branding, delivery, etc.

I originally started this, but didn't feel comfortable about giving critiques. Now I realize its just my opinion. I think I can give constructive criticism without being too mean. It's going to be fun.  For my wife and I, this will be some fun activity we can do together.



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