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I am touching up a new client's website ( ) where I created a custom wordpress theme for him. Vinny is a great guy, great musician, and also blind. When I made the page for his audio samples, I used the good old fashioned “Audio Player” player plugin. As Vinny wants to eventually be able to post on his own, I thought would be the easiest (as you just create a link to the audio file and the player shows up in place of the link).

Vinny informed me that sight impaired individuals using screen reading software can't play flash players. However, if there is a flash player and some sort of clickable link (to either stream or download) they will be aware of the link and be able to locate and use it.

As Vinny is the second sight impaired person I've helped (my first being the Sessions With Slau Podcast ). One thing to keep in mind that there is a large, and very loyal audience. Making your website accessible to the site impaired is something we all should make an effort to do.

Another easy step we can make is when you make a link, or add a graphic, be sure you enter the alternative text (this is that text that “pops up” when you put your mouse over them).

Lastly, if your blog post has multiple paragraphs (or multiple subjects in regards to a “show notes” for a podcast) use headings. I use Heading 3 a lot as it basically makes the text bold (Which is the effect I'm looking for), and headings are very useful for those using screen reading software.

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