Welcome to episode 285. In the past, I've talked about the 27 steps to get your podcast into iTunes. Today we are going to slightly resist that, as I have some people who have their equipment, they have their topic, but they are not sure how to start.

Holiday Greeting From Switzerland

Jon Buscall of Sweden sent a very nice audio comment wishing us all a Happy Holiday Season. He also mentions how his podcast is becoming THE lead generator for his business. COOL!

Take it Easy on Radio

[4:41] I got an email from a listener:
First, let me say I've become a fan of your content.  I always take away something new from the School of Podcasting, and I appreciate your work.
But please take it easy on radio.  I currently host a radio morning show here in Raleigh, NC, and work my tail off to provide fun and upbeat content.  There are differences between hosting a podcast and hosting a show on the radio.  A podcast audience is a little more patient with the host, but a radio audience always has their finger on the button.  It's a tough and changing business, and those of us in the industry and just trying to keep up.
I understand there's a stereotype of the “radio DJ's” pukey voice and cheesy jokes, but I think it's a tad unfair.
Just defending my brothers and sisters in the industry that also may be a fan of your show.
Raleigh, NC
Dave, you are right. Radio is tough to do because you have time constraints, content restraints, and an industry that is clueless on how to stay relevant. In my non-educated opinion when it comes to radio, radio was made big on personalities (Wolfman Jack, etc) and right now radio stations are eliminating the DJs leaving us with an unprogrammable iPod with bad music. Throw on top of that the local drive home radio station has 16 minutes of content for every 14 minutes of commercials. Yet they wonder why they are losing listeners.
Dave, radio is very tough and as I've been helping someone take their podcast and fit into the radio format I have a new respect for people who are providing HOURs of content on a DAILY basis. I have someone coming on the show that will explain the liberating feeling that radio people who are starting a podcast are feeling.

I have a Podcast Idea Now What? – Where Do I Start?

[12:05] One way to figure out where to start is to simply follow the content in your podcast.

If your podcast starts off with music, you're going to need some music. I like the music at footage firm. Even though they have LOTS of video stuff, their royalty free music is “free” (after you pay $8 for shipping).

Then you might provide your contact information. So you will need an email address (typically provided by your hosting provider), and a voicemail. For these, I recommend podcastvoicemail.com (which provides a toll-free number for $2 a month) or Google Voice (it's not toll-free, but it is free).

Then you will need a place to host that media. I use Libsyn.com but you could also check out blubrry.com (I've compared these two in recent episodes). Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at either service.

Maybe in your into you mention your domain name. Well, you need to see what domains are available. You will also need a Website. So you will need to purchase web hosting

When you go to add your ID3 tags, you will need album art. We have resources for that inside the School of Podcasting.

Using these tools will get you started. If you need some podcast equipment, you can contact me and we can discuss what would work best for you in your budget. The last thing would be to get you into iTunes, for that I use Feedburner. I use the Libsyn feed if you're using Libsyn, and use PowerPress if you are using Blubrry. Feedburner is old, outdated, and barely works

If you need help, I have step by step tutorials that will walk you through the entire process.

Don't Let Your Podcast Sit on a Shelf Due to Background Noise

In this episode, I also point out that I have moved into a much noisier environment. This is NOT stopping me from podcasting.

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