Why I Switched from the Podcasts App to Overcast

The last update from Apple broke their own software, and it left it there for at least a week. Never give your customers a chance to find an (alternative because they will). The creator of Overcast recently made it available for free (you can donate to help cover the cost $1 a month). Here are the features I love about it.

  1. If I share something I can not only share the episode but send people to the location I am currently at.
  2. I can listen at surprisingly fast speeds and still understand the content
  3. A 60-second skip button that when I click on it repeatedly takes giant jumps to skip through bad content.
  4. It syncs via the internet so you can listen on your iPhone, switch over to your iPad and pick right up where you left off. You can even listen on their website (overcast.fm).
  5. I can see how much storage each podcast is taking up.

In the end, I love it, and according to the app I've saved 2 hours using the Smart Speed feature. Here is a quick overview of the app.

VoiceStak is SpeakPipe on Steroids Let's You Capture Video Testimonials and Feedback

8:20 I love Speakpipe and I've been using it for years. This is a great tool to allow you to capture audio from your audience. You can then use it to build your email list, and you get notified via email when a new message arrives. there is a free plan for Speakpipe, and then plans start at $7/month.

VoiceStak is a similar product that does everything Speakpipe does AND it allows people to send VIDEO messages (up to 5 minutes). You can integrate it to send videos straight to YouTube. It also has no limits on the number of messages you can receive a month, or how many you can store. The pricing starts at $17/month, but there is a very interesting option to purchase a lifetime option for $197 (so after 11 months you are basically using it for free). This might be handy if you have a business and you're looking to create a testimonials page. You could easily send people over to your site and using their computer, phone or tablet, they can leave a video message.

You can use this on any number of sites, and you can place the widget anywhere you want.

For more information check out www.schooolofpodcasting.com/voicestak

Jason Bryant Turns His Passion and Expertise Into a Career with Podcasting

Jason Bryant has had a goal of working as a sports commentator his whole life. Starting as a teenager in his high school he has slowly been given opportunities and taken advantage of each one. His hard work, dedication, and passion created impact results. What results? He was asked to participate in other events. As the old saying goes, “Lather, rinse, repeat.” After getting caught in the crossfire of media politics again, Jason decided he would strike out on his own. He was listening to Satellite radio and heard one coach's show, and another, and another. He thought to himself, “I could do a show like this for wrestling.”

Jason contacted me, and hearing of Jason's experience and history, I asked, “What's the worst that could happen?” So Jason went to his school and got his first client. Fast forward and you see Jason doing 12 shows and running at Wrestling network at www.mattalkonline.com Here are some things we learned today.

  1. Jason knows his audience, so he had an idea of what to charge. However, it took him a year of tweaking to get it to where he is today. He didn't wait until everything was perfect.
  2. By getting his first client (going to those people you have a relationship with) it became easier to get his second and third.
  3. Jason who states, “I'm not a salesman,” has been helping potential clients see how they could run sponsors on their show and that money would pay for their podcast (and go right into his pocket). So the “non-salesmen” is helping his clients sell their podcast. So when you say, “I'm not ___” you may have those skills but no know it.
  4. Jason realized that it's better to provide good content less frequently then a daily show that sucks.

For more information about Jason check him out at www.mattalkonline.com

Are You Thinking of Starting A Podcast?

There is so much information out there about podcasting, some of it is great. Some of the information about podcasting is painfully outdated. Don't be one of those people with a drawer full of microphones they never use. Start your podcast in the right direction, with the right tools, and much less stress. Check out www.theschoolofpodcasting.com today.

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