You will notice that I am in pursuit of people who have been able to make a living with their podcast. Today we interview Jim Harold who does the Paranormal Podcast and the Campfire Podcast.

Podcasting News

In a nutshell, use to submit your podcast to iTunes, but don't mess with anything else in that platform for now (you can really shoot yourself in the foot).

Understanding iTunes and Podcasting

iTunes is somewhat confusing. You submit an iTunes RSS feed to iTunes and in return, they give you a link to your listing in iTunes. iTunes is like a giant phone book of podcasts.

The interesting thing is when someone goes to iTunes and subscribes to your show, iTunes sets the original feed you submitted in their software. This can create confusing.

When you publish a new show it will not show up in the iTunes Store immediately because they have to refreshed your listing. However, anyone who is subscribed to your show gets that show because they are looking at your original feed.

My advice here is to subscribe to your own show. This way when you think there is a problem because your show is not “showing up” in iTunes, check your show using whatever app you use. If the show appears, then it just means the iTunes store has not refreshed your listing yet. Wait at least 24 hours.

Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast is Paying the Bills

(interview starts at 9:51 – recorded with a Zoom H5 recorder and two Audio Technica ATR2005usb microphones )

Jim Harold Paranormal Podcast HostHere are some bullet points from our conversation with Jim Harold from the Paranormal Podcast

Jim wanted to be on the radio, but ended up in radio sales.

Jim loved reading about the Paranormal growing up.

He sputtered at the beginning of his show, but his fans wanted more. Why? Because nobody was talking about this like Jim was, and he delivered value.

After 6 months , Jim was offered a sponsorship from Audible, and that helped him get more serious about his show.

Jim has multiple streams of income. He has a plus club (membership site), he has multiple books, and he has advertisers. Jim uses Wishlist member to manage his membership site

Jim's first book was “traditionally” published. It was cool to see it in Barns and Noble, but Jim later purchased the rights to that book and sold it on his own. Check out Jim's books at

Podcasting has opened door for Jim

His podcast grows about 10% every year.

His podcast is named well. It's called the “paranormal podcast.” He went with the obvious name for his show. When people Google “Paranormal Podcast' his show comes up.

There is a difference between radio ads and podcast ads.

Jim explains how he feels like he knows me because he listens to my show.

Podcasting advertising has great impact because we care about your audience. Jim has rejected ads that didn't fit his audience, or that he couldn't endorse.

Jim is currently using a Heil Pr40, a Mackie Mixer, and a Behringer Processor.

Check out Jim's shows at as well as his TV You Grew Up With podcast.

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