John Lee Dumas on Podcaster’s Roundtable – Best Podcaster’s Roundtable to Date

If you weren't able to attend last Sunday's podcaster's roundtable, you missed a great episode. On the panel was Myself from the School of Podcasting and How to Podcast, Ray Ortega from the Podcaster's Studio, Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast and Podcast Master Class, Steve Stewert of Moneyplan Sos Podcast,  John Lee Dumas  of Entrepreneur on Fire and Podcaster's Paradise pulled back the curtain as we tried to explain to people the hard work that John puts into his podcasts (and its not as easy at it may appear). It was a longest roundtable to date as the information was just phenomenal. Check it out below

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
2 comments on “John Lee Dumas on Podcaster’s Roundtable – Best Podcaster’s Roundtable to Date
  1. Dave,

    Your video visuals looks good and very professional on the round table. I like the black background.

    John Lee Duma has paid his dues and worked hard and at a young age has many experiences to include combat in Iraq, real estate and finance.

    I am a 56 year old Afghanistan veterans and John’s podcast motivate me, but you’re the expert of the mechanics of podcasting! I truly enjoyed your class and listening to your podcasts!

  2. Bill you are one of the guys who gets it. You are inspired by JLD, but you are going to insert your own personality into your podcast. I look forward to yoru first episode. Please let me know if you need any help.


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