Because of My Podcast, I'm Married

1:26 Jordan Harbinger explains how his podcast lead to him meeting his wife.

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Who is Jordan Harbinger?


He is the host of the Jordan Harbinger show. He is a podcast veteran (been around more than 11 years) and I like Jordan because of the “three I's”


A former Wall Street attorney, Jordan speaks five languages and spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war zones, and been kidnapped — twice. He'll tell you the only reason he's still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any type of situation.


Jordan will call BS on anybody. I once saw him correct a person who was introducing him at an event, and I've heard him ask some tough questions on his podcast The Jordan Harbinger Show


At Social Media Marketing World I saw Jordan speak (I HIGHLY recommend seeing him if you get a chance) and when he got done and greeting some people (like most people do) about 90% of the room followed him into the hall. I don't see this with other speakers.

I originally interviewed Jordan back in 2014 when things were going great (he had his podcast and was also on Satelite radio) fast forward to 2018, and Jordan was removed from a podcast he co-founded. What impressed me the most when I met Jordan in San Diego was his attitude. He was looking at the bright side. Instead of “why did this happen to me?” he had a “What does this all me to do differently that I couldn't do before” attitude. He is a guy that puts in the work, and when the rug was pulled out from under him, it was his network of friends that he had built for 11 years that have come to help the world know he is back and better than ever at and his Six-Minute Networking course.

In this episode we learn:

6:38 What happened – a deeper explanation.
8:55 An example of how his old brand was holding him back
11:08 How his new events will differ from the past
12:16 Who his target audience is for the events
14:24How he handles tough questions from his audience
16:35 Why its worth “Doing the work.”
19:45 How he finds the time to do all his research.
22:08 How did he find out he was fired?
24:16 How his wife and listeners helped him cope with the situation.
25:25 What's the difference between the “old” and “new” Jordan Harbinger?
26:45 How do you balancing work/life/wife?
28:33 How do you avoid this scenario in the future for new podcasters?
35:10 Do you consider your podcast topic broad or niche?
36:35 How do I attend your event?

For more information about Jordan check out and his Six-Minute Networking course or email Jordan at

Check out his show in Apple Podcasts or on Castbox on Android (other options available at his website)

Here is a Transcript of Jordan and Dave 

Grading Your Own Interview


As my background is in training (20 years as a corporate trainer). Here is an exercise you can do to grade your interview. Go back and write down all the questions you asked (see above). Then look for:

  • Yes/No Questions (and see if there is a way to ask them in a more open format that would lead to a story).
  • Are these the questions your audience would ask?
  • Are there any questions and answers that can be deleted.

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The History of Six Shooter


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1 comment on “Jordan Harbinger – How to Avoid Being Fired From Your Own Podcast
  1. Loved this episode. Really good to get Jordan’s story and it was a reminder to keep building relationships and networks and to keep short accounts with the people we work with. Thanks, Dave!

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