A Methodical Approach to Entrepreneurship: Prioritizing Energy Management

Today we explore the factors that contribute to a successful podcast strategy, including getting featured on podcast players and paid advertising efforts. We hear the inspiring journey of Katie, Krimitsos, who created the Women's Meditation Network after feeling disinterested in her previous business and finding a lacking market for women and meditation.

We learn about the importance of just starting, experimenting, and having fun, as well as curating content for listeners. Katie shares her experience with advertising and maximizing revenue while engineering her pre-roll to not upset listeners. We dive into the uniqueness of her meditations and the focus on improving the content to create an audio experience that touches the listener's soul.

Finally, we explore Katie's stickler for priorities and energy management, strategizing her business projects, and streamlining her energy to bring on more one-on-one clients.

Check out her many shows at www.womensmeditationnetwork.com

Katie's previous appearance on episode 565 about creating communities

Things That Jumped Out to Me In the Interview

Katie talks about how she is not a certified meditation teacher. The imposter syndrome definitely kicked in, but she didn't let it stop her. It makes me wonder if, as she wasn't meditating like “all the other certified people,” if her difference is what attracted so many people to listen. This is why I always recommend being yourself.

While some of her meditation shows took off quite quickly, it took her years to get her first Meditation for Woman show to where everything clicked.

Katie researched to see if anyone else was doing a similar show (they weren't), so she jumped in. Remember that if you see other shows listed, you want to check as there may be many titles, but often these shows put out a few episodes and then quit.

Katie chalks up some of her success (especially when she had two podcasts and two children under the age of two) to her energy management. This doesn't mean she burns the candle at both ends; in fact, it's the opposite. Everything she does is purposeful – including downtime. I don't think you'll find Katie watching Seinfeld reruns for the 14th time.

The titles of her show need no explanation. They have plenty of keywords, and you know before you click play – what the show is about. The same goes for her episode titles.

Katies has multiple streams of income. Yes, she has advertisements. She also has a premium advertising free version using Supercast to sell subscriptions.

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